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12 week blood tests inconclusive?

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LolaStarr Wed 27-Apr-16 10:33:13

I had my bloods taken for the downs/Edwards test last week. My midwife rang me this morning to say that they came back negative for Edwards and the other more serious one (I can't remember the name) but she said the results for downs were 'truncated' and they can't give me a risk factor. Has anyone experienced this before? I have to go and speak to a consultant later to go through my options for more tests and whether I want them. The nuchal fold measurement at my scan was well within the normal range so that's a good sign isn't it? I'm really struggling not to panic. I lost my last baby at 21 weeks last year and I was so hoping this pregnancy was going to be straightforward sad

Dollface136 Wed 27-Apr-16 11:30:21

I didn't have this happen but yes your nuchal fold is a good sign. Please don't panic. There can be so many reasons they can't test your blood properly and nearly all of them are to do with the way the blood was taken/stored/transported and tested and not you. I have had experience of repeat blood work for lots of things, all to do with how they tested not giving them accurate results. Speak to the consultant, they will give you your best options if you want the risk factor results, depending on how far along you are also ask them what your options are privately, as there may still be blood test options open to you that are not catered for on the NHS. Sorry to hear about your previous loss and wishing you all the best for this pregnancy xx

LolaStarr Wed 27-Apr-16 18:00:56

Ok I've spoken to a consultant. My results were totally within normal range apart from my HCG which is very high at 8MoM. I've decided not to have any invasive testing done as he said with my age and the other results he thinks my risk of downs isn't that high. However he couldn't tell me what could be causing the heightened HCG, and he's sending me for a detailed scan at a bigger hospital at 16 weeks. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? I'm so scared I'm going to end up losing this baby as well sad

Sweetheartyparty76 Wed 27-Apr-16 19:04:15

Perhaps it's the vanishing twin syndrome where 2 eggs fertilised and implant but 1 fails to thrive and eventually gets reabsorbed. I'm 13 weeks and lost a twin at 7 weeks. I have my screening this week so I will see if it affected the results.
Good luck and I hope all turns out well x

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