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Just need a bit of reassurance

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ZippyZapZap Tue 26-Apr-16 21:31:43

I had an early scan on Saturday ( due to shooting pains & a small amount of blood ) & could see the heartbeat and the midwife said I was 6.5 weeks. Baby measured 5mm, all was fine and she couldn't see a reason for the bleeding.

Went home and was relieved. On Sunday everytime I went to the toilet and wiped there was bright pink blood. A bigger amount at first that lessened. There was no pain and it lasted for about 6 hours. It didn't even touch the pad it was just when I wiped.

I've had 2 miscarriges in the past and one was bright red blood, agony, passed a large red/grey clot & more and bled for 3 weeks. It was awful and I felt terrible the entire time

So I know I probably havnt miscarried but a small part of me is doubting that and wondered if I've started absorbing the baby back in my body?

I don't want to ask for another scan because I'm worried they'll think I'm taking the mick and wasting their time

Has anybody else experienced this?

I've already told myself If nothing else has happened by Thursday to ring and get another scan but I'm still worried.

Fedupithink Wed 27-Apr-16 06:59:02

Didn't want to leave you unanswered, I'd be giving the GP or early pregnancy unit a call in your shoes. Just explain exactly what you have here and they'll either tell you to wait until tomorrow or ask you to go in today so nothing to lose.

I hope you had an uneventful night and managed to get some sleep.

VocationalGoat Wed 27-Apr-16 07:11:29

If it was a transvaginal ultrasound, this could certainly account for the bleed. The cervix is incredibly sensitive in pregnancy. Yours may be more so than others. You're around the right time for implantation bleeding. It very much sounds like implantation bleeding and a TVU would irritate the cervix a bit. A perfect recipe for an early but harmless bleed. flowers I hope you can take it easy. It's so nerve wracking but my feeling is that you and baby are fine. Congratulations!

How are you today?

AutumnRose1988 Wed 27-Apr-16 07:37:49

vocationalgoat,s post is exactly what I have put. Listen to her and try and relax Hun. I had bleeding worse than you and it was a combo of implantation (twins) and sensitive cervix. If you are not in pain and not loosing clots, a little blood when you wipe for the next few days will I'm sure be nothing x

AutumnRose1988 Wed 27-Apr-16 07:38:14

Ps I am 4months now. X

ZippyZapZap Wed 27-Apr-16 09:51:27

Thanks for the replies,

I know the logical thing to do would be to just go the EPU. I have really bad anxiety, I hate making phonecalls and I hate going to the EPU ( been before with other losses )

I've took a pregnancy test today and it's still as strong as my others, i assume if it would be weaker if I'd started to miscarry

I've got swollen breasts today and I've been sick twice so that's all good signs isn't it? I'm going to go EPU tomorrow to put my mind at rest and I feel better from your replies and the morning sickness.

Thank you for your replies

I know I seem daft, I'm not, I'm extremely anxious.

This is my 5th pregnancy now and I've only got my DD ( 15 months ) so being pregnant is horrific for me as all I do is worry. I also love it but it's very frightening

Fedupithink Wed 27-Apr-16 09:55:26

Oh that's awful, the symptoms are good but the test doesn't really accurately tell you anything. I too have suffered a loss but it took 3 weeks for my tests to return to negative afterwards which I was told is very common.

Perhaps try and rest/sleep today to take your mind off things. Best of luck for the EPU tomorrow, sending you lots of positive vibes.

Fedupithink Wed 27-Apr-16 09:55:58

I mean the anxiety is awful - sorry if that wasn't clear.

Zoe475 Wed 27-Apr-16 22:22:08

I know it hard hun but u gotta try and relaxe try baths and resting.if your worried that's what midwife's and doc are for don't feel bad for going to them even if it ends up being OK.try keep u mind occupied I started knitting and

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