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Is it normal to be this sore?

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Olishi Tue 26-Apr-16 15:13:51

31 weeks pregnant. Posted before about some issues, but since Sunday I've had a temperature (lowered from 38.5 Sunday morning to 37.6 just now with a few spikes over the last few days) and have had abdominal pain that feels like I'm having a heavy period with irregular cramping.

I had some back ache, sickness and dizziness which has faded. Also an increase in discharge. This is my second pregnancy but suffered more with back pain in my first.

Doctor has already ruled out UTI and taken yet another swab to check for return of thrush as cause of increased discharge.

I feel like someone's been kicking me in the lower abdomen for the last three days!

Olishi Tue 26-Apr-16 15:19:01

Also, bit concerned as been measuring small. Doctor even comented on it at my appointment Monday. No scan until end of next week.

skankingpiglet Tue 26-Apr-16 15:48:04

I think you should go back to your GP if you're concerned. Did you have the temperature when they saw you or has that come on since? It's your second pregnancy so you know what ligament pains and other 'normal' aches feel like.

The aches and small measurement might not be anything to worry about though. I'm also 31wks and was measuring small at my 28wk appointment. I was referred for a growth scan and the baby is a normal size but sitting very low. I've also been getting period-type aches recently, which I've just put down to my ever-expanding belly. I've been quite dizzy throughout my pregnancy (I was last time too) but I have low blood pressure. I too get a lot of discharge during pregnancy; my understanding on this is it's normal unless smelly and/or itchy.
Pregnancy does weird stuff to your body so always get checked if you're worried, but IME most things seem to be a normal but unpleasant effect of growing a human.

Olishi Tue 26-Apr-16 16:18:05

Thanks. I took some paracetamol when I posted and the period pain feeling is gone. But I'm more aware of my belly going tight and hard now so I'm going to assume I've been getting braxton hicks for last few days?

My temperature had gone down a bit when I saw the doctor. It's not going into the 38 degrees again. Just odd that it lasted for 24 hours with no obvious cause...

I suppose if this goes in I'll call my midwife at the end of the week as she only works Thursday and Friday.

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