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13DPO pregnancy symptoms but still having BFN - advice please!!

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Esmc23 Tue 26-Apr-16 13:46:38

Hi - I'm new to mumsnet and new to pregnancy symptoms, so looking for some advice please!

I have always suffered from irregular periods, but over the past four years (the time that we have been TTC) they have progressively got worse. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the beginning of this year, and told by my consultant that I would probably not be able to conceive naturally, but that due to my age (38) I did not qualify for fertility treatment.

Since then I have been trying everything! This last cycle I have been taking Agnus Castus as well as She Oak - clutching at straws a bit, but will give anything a try to regulate my periods! I also use the Ovia app to track my symptoms. If I go by the app I should now be at 13DPO (give or take a day either side) and AF is due to arrive tomorrow. However, since 2DPO I have been experiencing terrible nausea, stomachache, gas, heartburn, you name it, I've had it (apart from sore BBs which I do usually get before AF but nothing at the moment)! The nausea has been terrible! It is constant from morning to night. I have also had cramping on and off since 2DPO - sometimes its really bad and I think AF is about to show, then it's like a dull aching, and other times it's a quick sharp pain.

On 8 and 9DPOs I had bad cramps followed by very light brown CM which I took as a good sign of maybe IB. Since then I have also had an increase of creamy CM and on Sunday evening felt a gush which I assumed was AF but was just a lot of creamy CM!!

I have now taken two HPT - one at 10DPO and one this morning, and both are negative sad I feel like I'm going mad! I feel so sure that I am having all the right signs and symptoms, but not the results on the tests!

I would love to hear from anybody that is in a similar situation, or if they've experienced this and had positive or negative outcomes. I try to talk to my OH about it but he's much more laid back than me, and I just find it so much harder when we keep getting BFNs when I'm the one with all the symptoms!

skankingpiglet Tue 26-Apr-16 15:30:21

2dpo is definitely too early to be getting symptoms and tbh I think 13dpo is too (although not too early to get a bfp for some women). The only 'symptom' I had from a few days before my missed period was due was that the cat was reading positive (she just knows, like a furry preg test. It's amazing, she's never wrong), followed later the same day by a very faint positive proper test.

That isn't to say you aren't pregnant (nobody can diagnose that over the internet!), it just may either be too early to test, or the test you are using isn't the most sensitive one out there so can't pick up the lower levels of hormones. The most sensitive are supposedly first response and superdrug's own brand.

There is a conception board on here which is really helpful with all things 'getting pregnant' which might be worth a look too smile It's also under the 'becoming a parent' heading.

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