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Random sure start hv appt

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GinaBambino Mon 25-Apr-16 18:16:09

So a few weeks ago I told my midwife we were moving out of the area and so needed a new hospital etc. All got sorted fairly quickly. 3 days later I got a letter off surestart saying a hv would need to come and see me, they had been referred by midwife. Another mtb across the road is further along than I am but doesn't have one of these letters. I missed the appt today (as I work full time and lost the letter to ring up) but they've rung my midwife to say I wasn't there and they're worried about me. I have 2 apps with midwives this week. One with new one, one with old one but I'm low risk. Is this normal?! I don't understand it and now I have found the letter it doesn't say anything about why they want to come round.

anastasiakrupnik Mon 25-Apr-16 19:10:32

How far along are you? I noticed in my notes that there's now an antenatal HV appt, which I didn't have with first pregnancy 3 yrs ago.

Sanch1 Mon 25-Apr-16 19:26:58

In our area a hv now comes to visit you at home some time after 28 weeks and introduce themselves, see if you have any questions. You dont have to have it, I turned it down as this is dc2 and feel i know all i need to know.

GinaBambino Mon 25-Apr-16 19:45:17

Ahh ok mtb across the road is on dc3 so that's probably why she doesn't have one and I'm a first time mum. I'm 33 weeks now so it makes sense. I'll refuse it as I'm moving anyway and under a surestart centre where my new midwife is. Thanks!

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