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Talk to me about your third labour/birth

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iamdivergent Mon 25-Apr-16 17:27:05

Currently 32 weeks with #3. Panicking slightly over impending arrival, not the actual baby but the labour/birth. I had fast (<7hrs and <2hrs), uncomplicated births previously but I feel almost like I've jinxed myself, can't help but feel something is going to go wrong confused there is no medical reason for this, pregnancy is progressing normally, baby is growing well etc but I just feel really anxious about the whole thing.

So tell me about your third - was it longer/shorter/more or less complicated than previous and try to get me over the anxiety!

scotsgirl64 Mon 25-Apr-16 17:37:58

I had emcs with first dd (cord prolapse...very scary- dd nearly died, in SCBU for 48 hrs) 8lb 12...discovered i had narrow pelvis and advised to have cs for any future pregnancies
Planned cs for dd2 at 37 weeks (spinal )...very chilled delivery 6lb 12 oz
finally after having a bleed at 34+5 had a normal vaginal delivery with ds who was born at 35 weeks weighing 7lbs! (fabulous senior registrar who allowed me to labour with the proviso that I would have a CS if needed)
Hope you manage to relax for remainder of your pregnancy and hope this anxiety doesn't overshadow the birth flowers

Mouthfulofquiz Mon 25-Apr-16 17:41:40

How funny - I'm 39 weeks with number 3 and I feel a bit like I've pushed my luck by having two straightforward births too. I just want to get it over with now!!
Hope we can both relax a bit and go with the flow...

BeauticianNotMagician81 Mon 25-Apr-16 17:43:57

I had two really long labours with my first two. Ds1 I was prepped for a c section but had forceps. Ds2 I had an epidural as was so long again but normal delivery.

Ds3 was by far my best birth so far. I did keep thinking I was going into labour with super mild contractions that were really far apart and amounted to nothing for about a week leading up to the birth. They weren't painful at all. Apparently that's common with the third. The actual labour was great gas and air, 5 hours, no complications and I had him at 2.45pm and was home by 6pm (waiting for paper work) X

ToastyMcToastface Mon 25-Apr-16 17:45:39

Perfectly normal, straightforward, fast and easy (although ridiculously bloody late!) Just like the other two. I totally sympathise with the feeling though, I felt the same too.

captainproton Mon 25-Apr-16 17:55:25

I was the same as you, thinking that I couldn't be that lucky to have 3 straight forward, quick and text book births, but I did. I planned a home birth just in case I had a very quick labour. I'd had strong Braxton hicks for about six weeks and a few times I thought we were on for labour only to be disappointed.

Anyway they started up just as I was tucking into my chippy tea. After waiting a good hour we were sure i was in labour. We called the hospital, put a lot of mats and towels down, waited for the midwives. About an hour after they arrived my waters went and DC3 was not long born after, placenta plopped out about 30 seconds later. All the other kids were upstairs asleep, DH woke DSS up to tell him, he didn't believe we'd had her because he'd gone up to his room before it all kicked off. Honestly I would recommend a home birth if you've had 2 good labours it was Completely different to a clinical birth and it avoided a lot of faff and worry over child care and getting to the hospital in time.

iamdivergent Mon 25-Apr-16 18:41:53

I'm booked in for a homebirth, but due to staffing issues and lack of equipment they are unable to bring the kit to my until around 39wks and thats if they have the whole kit by that stage - there are 8 home births including mine booked arounf the same 3 weeks! I have been told to plan for a hospital birth, the home birth I will be lucky to get which sucks. DD2 was an unplanned homebirth - she came that fast!

thecatsarecrazy Tue 26-Apr-16 10:11:13

No 2 births the same. First ds was 40+2 I had contractions from when I got up, carried on all day and made it to the hospital when I couldn't take anymore ds came along 3 hours later birth weight 6.12 and pretty straightforward.

2 ds 40+10, labour pains all day but didn't get strong until about midnight. Then a very long and painful labour didn't come until 1pm following day. He was back 2 back and 8.4 I knew not to take any notice of people telling me 2nd births are easy.

steppemum Tue 26-Apr-16 10:30:20

was overdue 40+10

went in for induction, had a pessary, didn't work.
MW did and internal and said, hmm, you are 3 cm dilated, you often are with a third pregnancy, I could just break your waters if you like, see if that gets you going?

Fortunately I got her to phone dh first as it was by then 8 pm, and he had gone home to put ds and dd1 to bed.

She breaks waters, I went into labour, dd2 born 1.5 hours later, all natural (no time for any painkillers!)

Annabrooke90 Tue 26-Apr-16 11:14:08

My third was lovely compared to my first two smile

Ds1 was an induction as was past term, very fast labour (4 hour) ended up with an APH and PPH and had a stay in HDU as my body went into shock. He was 6ib 11.

Ds2 was better but long and drawn out. Had quite a few week of pains and signs but regular contractions started on my due date (Sunday) they carried on all day, but went irregular at night, this carried on until Wednesday when I decided to go get checked, I was only 2cm so went home. Thursday came and they carried on, but my blood loss ramped up so 9.30 that night I went back in, had got to 3cm. Ds2's heartbeat was fast so they kept me in and then from there they was coming thick and fast and was painful. They examined me at 4am but absolutely no change, then again at 6am still not change. Then again at 8 finally id got to 4cm so was sent to labour ward. Had my waters broke at 7cm about 11. By 12 id reached 10cm, but at this point I felt really Ill and exhausted. I began pushing but 1hr 45 mins later and still no baby they got help because my temp had shot up. Had an assisted delivery...when ds2's head came out he was facing the wrong way so back to back...which explained the pain and slow progression. He was also 9ib. It turned out I'd got cultures growing in my blood so had to stay in for I.v antibiotics. Still miles better than ds1 birth though.

Ds3 I had a rather slow latent labour again, hospital admitted me at 2cm. The next morning they was about to send me home but quickly checked me and I was 4cm with bulging membranes. So went down to labour ward. Had a tens machine on and bounced on my ball and then was examined 4 hour later at 12.15..I'd progressed to 6cm so they broke my waters. By 1.35 I'd reached 10cm so started the pushing process and he was born at 1.56. Only thing in that birth was I'd had to have I'v antibiotics twice during labour as I'd had a positive group b strep swab in early pregnancy. But it was so lovely and relaxed smile

Ds4 was an even better labour and birth (apart from being born at 34 week).

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