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Where are you baby?

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Asher90 Mon 25-Apr-16 14:17:07

I am 28 weeks today - have had all my scans to date , everything is going beautifully. As BMI is slightly higher than the doctors would like, I have had scales installed at home for weight monitoring. I am a size UK 18, however, I am tall (5"9) and I don't carry my weight around my stomach specifically. Now, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled I have yet to put on a pound , have in actual fact lost close to a stone since discovering I am pregnant. But I am just flabbergasted that I have no bump at all, none 😂😂 Baby F is kicking and squirming away like nothing else, but I swear people are starting to think I'm making it all up 😆 can anyone else relate? Or am I whinging for nothing. I would love to have some sort of little bump - just to hold myself 😆😆😆

RosieTheCat Mon 25-Apr-16 15:55:18

Size 16 and 20 weeks here I've lost just under a stone this time as well Drs are not happy with my bmi I'm about 28 I think shock
Ive always carried my weight round my tummy bum and legs and my "bump" at the moment is more my normal podge than baby

Is this your first?
I'm sure you'll have a bump soon baby could just be in a funny position all tucked up or you've got some strong tummy muscels

Asher90 Mon 25-Apr-16 16:18:35

It is my first baby, I literally have nothing to even suggest I'm pregnant. It is just so strange, at the start I was really afraid I would pile on extra weight, so part of me is relieved that I havn't piled on the weight. However, at this stage - I would just love to have a bump to pat. Hubby can hear heartbeat when he puts his ear to my tummy - or so he has told me to placate me 😂 was just wondering if anyone else was in he same boat.

miniswin Mon 25-Apr-16 23:24:28

Didn't have anything remotely resembling a bump until over 18, almost 19 weeks. Now almost 21 and still fairly minimal, although enough to warrant maternity jeans, and I'm a size 10. I also had strong movements from 17 weeks. I wouldn't worry too much!

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