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My first pregnancy

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Bethwright96 Mon 25-Apr-16 09:23:55

I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago, had morning sickness but it just stopped one morning, some foods make me feel sick just at the thought of them though!
I'm 8 weeks & 2 days, but have no symptoms any more, I'm really worried!

NurseRosie Mon 25-Apr-16 10:36:16

Hi Beth, I too am pregnant with my first baby, I've hit the 8 week mark today. I have been having symptoms so talked to a lot if my girlfriends and fellow mothers about it. I was feeling so sick the other day and my friend said "don't worry, one day you will wake up and not feel sick anymore, it's like a switch just turns off". Another friend stated not having any sickness or symptoms at all. It's a mixed bag and everyone seems different. I would say if you feel appetite has changed and smells are putting you off then that's all good signs.
I know I am having boob issues, they are just so tender and achey, do you have any symptoms like that?
I would try not to worry as it isn't good for the baby. Do you have a midwife appointment soon? Have they sent any numbers to ring for advice? If you are really worried pop to see your GP.
Hope my rumblings are helpful x

mellysam Mon 25-Apr-16 12:22:40

I am pregnant with twins no sickness at all. My best friend and sister also pregnant and neither have had any sickness. Not everyone gets ill, enjoy it smile

CraziestOfCatLadies Mon 25-Apr-16 12:25:19

When did your ms stop Beth? Do you still feel pregnant? You can have a private reassurance scan to put your mind at rest - just google for any near you. I hope everything is ok.

WerewolvesNotSwearwolves Mon 25-Apr-16 12:33:42

Mine disappeared at about the same point. All was well, he's now a healthy 11 month old little fatty. As others have said though, you can go for a reassurance scan. Hope all is ok. One thing I did find helpful was joining the antenatal groups on here. There will be lots of you all going through the same things at the same time. Have brew and cake smile

Syrine Mon 25-Apr-16 17:29:19

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