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Abdominal cramps and pain at 36 weeks

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BubbleandSqueeeek Mon 25-Apr-16 08:34:10

Hi all! Over the weekend I've been experiencing lots of stomach cramps. They felt like strong period pains and lasted most of the day on Sat and on and off on Sunday. At one point in the car i had one that covered the lower part of my belly, went down my legs and in my back, and although it wasn't 'shout out' painful, it was very uncomfortable and I had to take deep breaths and slow the car down until it passed after a couple of mins.

Had them up until 1 am but nothing so far this morning (am at work now!). Also when baby shifts about (he moves a lot) I'm getting sharp pains in my cervix.

This is my second and although I remember having the dreaded fanny daggers last time, I don't remember this. I also didn't labour naturally. I was overdue so had sweeps, drip and eventually a section, so I haven't experienced the warning signs of approaching labour.

Could this be all my plumbing getting ready, or just braxton hicks stuff? I know they weren't contractions because I fully remember those!!

Sorry for the long post!

BubbleandSqueeeek Mon 25-Apr-16 14:59:22


JulieBolton79 Mon 25-Apr-16 15:45:25

Lmao at fanny daggers grin

Sounds like your body practicing, you are best off monitoring and see how you feel.
Maybe a quick chat with MW or Triage might help?
As you know what real contractions feel I'd use this as a gage but ultimately you know your body so just listen to it and do what you feel is best. It's hard not being the over cautious type who wonders what every pain is but it's worse finding out your in labour as you put it down to nothing! Tough call good luck X

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