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Unexplained temperature?

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Olishi Mon 25-Apr-16 04:04:10

Back again with more medical worries! Anyone else had a seemingly random temperature toward the end of their pregnancy? I am 31 weeks, went out to do a bit of shopping with my partner when I suddenly came over really dizzy and felt on the verge of being sick. Hadn't been out long, maybe half an hour. I wasn't hot or had over done it walking.

Anyway, when I got home my temperature was 38.4 and has stayed around the 38 mark since. It when down slightly with paracetamol and I tried to get an early night, but I've been awake since midnight stressing over this (and various other middle of the night irrational thoughts). I've had mild back ache all day, but then I've had back ache on and off for weeks. The dizziness and feeling sick has faded. I'm eating and drinking fine. Feeling some pain and pressure in groin area, but baby's head is right against my cervix apparently so that's probably the cause of that.

I was treated for thrush last week, I had no symptoms except watery discharge which has lessened but not gone completely. Could thrush be the cause of a temperature? I'm going to try and see. Doctor later today just to rule out UTI etc was just hoping someone might be up who has also had this random temperature spike!

I guess I'm extra paranoid as I am awaiting yet another scan to check on baby as my bump has been measuring small. I've had its of movements though, in fact he's been very active after several days of slower activity.

Ramble over.

KnitsBakesAndReads Mon 25-Apr-16 07:50:42

I had similar symptoms - slightly raised temperature, feeling a bit dizzy and sick - at around 30 weeks. It turned out to be a UTI, even though I didn't have the usual symptoms of that. I also had quite a fast heart rate which GP said might have been related to the UTI, or might just have been a normal pregnancy thing.

Getting checked out by the GP sounds like a good move to me. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Olishi Mon 25-Apr-16 10:00:12

Been to see doctor, thankfully a really thorough one too! No signs of UTI in urine, had some swabs done just in case. Blood pressure fine. Even checked ears and throat, all good.

Getting really bad period like cramps today. Taken some paracetamol and sitting with a hot water bottle. Hoping this stops as I'm dreading something happening over the next few days with the doctors strike looming.

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