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not sure what to think?

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Tootsie1984 Sun 24-Apr-16 21:37:29

I had a positive pregnancy test last Tuesday. I had been bleeding with what I assumed was a period. But it felt different. I was referred to epau. Had scan on the Wednesday. Had thickened lining but they could not see anything. Had bloods done. Went back Friday. Bloods had came out at 76. Told could have had a miscarriage or be still quite early. Had more bloods done. Found out later that day hcg levels had 100% doubled in 2 days to 152. They said I was probably only about 4 weeks gone. Have to go back beginning of may for a scan as they said they would be able to see more then. Had no more bleeding. Very sore nipples. Nausea and being sick last few days plus light headed and tired. Belly feels bloated and I keep getting a slight crampy/stretchy feeling in lower belly. Has anyone else ever had this? Pregnancy tests have been getting a. Stronger positive. Just not sure what to think. Every twinge is making me panic. And because nothing was seen on scan I just think am I still pregnant or have I lost it. Or maybe it is ectopic. Ahhhh

curlywurly4 Sun 24-Apr-16 22:05:45

I had this expect scan showed the lining of my womb had gone and I was told too thin to sustain a pregnancy. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant so don't give up hope!

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