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Babyzen Yoyo

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sophied1983 Sun 24-Apr-16 19:27:00


Does anyone else have this pram?

I have a couple of questions!

fanks Sun 24-Apr-16 20:55:02

Yes we have it, didn't use it from newborn though just from about 12 months old.
TBh it's the worst buggy I've owned definitely not worth the price tag, only useful because it folds so small and light.

purplecat27 Sun 24-Apr-16 22:06:30

I've got one and love it! But I live in a flat in the city, I always feel a bit smug when weaving past people with their giant prams in narrow shop aisles (small), carrying it up or down stairs by myself (light), or turning round in a lift to face the right way (tiny turning circle!)

All depends on your circumstances and where you want to use it I reckon!

29redshoes Mon 25-Apr-16 08:59:29

My sister has this buggy and lives in a flat (no lift) in the city - so she absolutely loves it, for the same reasons as purple.

Paddingtonthebear Mon 25-Apr-16 09:03:50

Yes I had it from about 15 months to age 3yrs. It was great for a lightweight buggy for a toddler but I wouldn't put a young baby in it.

sophied1983 Mon 25-Apr-16 16:10:47

We are third floor flat with no lift - so that's our main reason for picking this one!

Is this product all we need to make it suitable from birth:

purplecat27 Mon 25-Apr-16 16:46:03

Hi Sophie, yes that's all you need to use from birth, although I bought mine as a complete 0+ package instead of buying bits separately.

Paddingtonthebear Mon 25-Apr-16 17:13:16

What's the terrain like in the area you live in? If it's anything except smooth pavement you will probably struggle with the Yoyo. I did love ours but as I said, not for a small baby as a) it's very open to the elements b) very lightweight / doesn't carry much and c) not great on anything except smooth pavement. The wheels are hard and do tend to stop when you try to go up even a very low curb for example, it has no bounce or suspension in that respect. Mine tipped going up kerbs a few times.

But for flat smooth pavements etc it is fab and pushes like a dream.

I did have to get baby zen to replace the seat and hood fabrics twice and also the wheel snapped off. They were great and sent me replacements free of charge but the pushchair was less than two years old. I don't think it's cut out for hard everyday use.

I think from birth I would go for the baby jogger city mini, it's just got more substance to it.

TheCrumpettyTree Mon 25-Apr-16 17:39:22

I have a bugaboo bee which is a great city pram, I love it and still use it for my toddler. The other one you could look at is the armadillo flip.

sophied1983 Mon 25-Apr-16 19:37:40

The City Mini Jogger is the other one we've been told about but they didn't have it in stock. Need to have a look in John Lewis and try them against each other.

We are in a very built up part of London so smooth pavements mostly. I think I will use a sling mostly when out by myself.

Breadwidow Mon 25-Apr-16 19:43:51

Fanks - can you tell me more about why it's rubbish or any one else know other bad points? I've become rather obsessed with getting one for travel but only way I could justify it is to sell existing buggy, and wonder if it will do as an only buggy (ot really need to know bad points to get rid of obsession as its so pricey!). DD is over 1.

Paddingtonthebear Mon 25-Apr-16 19:59:10

Bad points:

- Very pricey. The Recaro Easylife (I think that's what it's called) is a blatant rip off of the Yoyo (Babyzen originally designed the Yoyo with Recaro) but the Recaro is cheaper.
- Fabric isn't that great. I had two ripped hood (where metal rod poked through stitching) and the seat pad looked very shabby quickly. Also didn't wash well and faded. Babyzen sent me free replacements free of charge on each occasion.
- Back wheel snapped off after one year. Babyzen replaced all 4 free of charge, a year later the back wheel snapped off again, this time in Barcelona! Babyzen replaced all the wheels a second time.
- The rain cover that comes with it is a bit crap. Ok for a quick shower but not up to the British winter. I bought a much sturdier Maxi Cosi one for their Noa buggy which fits the Yoyo brilliantly.
- Tippy and not very good at bumps and kerbs. It is very lightweight so the wheels are hard and not bouncy.

Good points:
- Brilliant to push, steer, very light and manoeuvres like a dream. On flat surfaces.
- Amazing design and looks. The fold is genius.
- Easy to carry when folded as so light, folds one handed once you get the hang of it
- Easy to store anywhere, goes in overhead locker on plane.
- Frame is surprisingly sturdy
- Nice recline, my DD was always comfy and the way the seat rest moves forward when they do is good for kids who don't like to feel restricted. Some people don't like they way the seat back moves when kids pull forward though.

It's got loads going for it but I wouldn't want something more study for a newborn personally. I had an Uppababy Vista which was a tank in comparison but in my opinion the best out there.

I think the fabrics have been improved on the new YoYo's, so that may be less of a concern now.

fanks Mon 25-Apr-16 21:16:40

Bad points for me are:
My daughter can get herself out of the arm straps and lean completely forward,mashed has also tipped it over several times.
It's very hard to push on anything other than smooth terrain.
She won't sleep in it, ( not buggies fault) but she always looks uncomfortable reclined in it, it's very open to the elements and the rain covers useless!

It's a perfect boot buggy, for nipping from car to shop, I so wouldn't of paid all that money for it if I had researched it properly.

It's fab how small it folds but tbh unless using for hand luggage I would of been better off with a maclaren or similar!

fanks Mon 25-Apr-16 21:18:06

Mashed = she has! Blooming spell check

Paddingtonthebear Mon 25-Apr-16 22:34:46

I should probably say I paid £160 for mine as an ex display model. I was happy with that but I don't think it's worth the £300 ish it is normally.

I absolutely hated the Maclaren I had briefly though. I preferred one handle but If I was getting an umbrella buggy I would go for the Uppababy G Luxe, it's brill.

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