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Pink blood

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DiddlyDoddlyDoo Sun 24-Apr-16 16:28:08

On Friday I was late for an appointment so was walking really fast, was about 20 minutes. During the walk I was getting a sharp shooting pain in my right side ( no I wasn't a stitch )

A few hours later when I went to the toilet I noticed some dry blood in my underwear.

Saturday morning had the same so rang EPU and went in for a scan. Baby was fine, good strong heartbeat, around 6 weeks and midwife couldn't find any reason for the blood. And baby was made from my left ovary.

I went out last night and was dancing for a few hours ( not drinking )

And when I've woke up this morning and gone to the toilet there's been blood when I've wiped. It's been like this throughout the day with pains in my right side but very mild.

I'm getting mild period pains now as such but nothing severe

My last miscarriage was nothing like this, had the blood when I wiped but I had awful cramps within the hour, they knocked me sick they were that bad. And the pain started on both sides and got worse quickly, eventually ended up in the middle of my pelvis and that's when it was the most painful, and I had shooting pains up my bum.

It took about a week for the miscarriage to end but I knew from the first half an hour it was a miscarriage

I just don't know with this one, has anybody experienced anything like this and only saw their baby the day before? And was everything still ok?

I'm hesitant to go back to EPU ATM as I don't want to be told I'm miscarrying

YorkieDorkie Sun 24-Apr-16 16:32:51

I didn't want to read and run (I have no experience) but I would get yourself in to be seen. I know it must be awful to worry about another MC but what if being seen could prevent anything bad happening? You'd feel terrible if the worst could have been prevented. You have your own health to think of too thanks

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