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Pregnancy Yoga

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TowardYoga Sat 23-Apr-16 15:04:36

Hi, I've taught yoga (& Pregnancy Yoga) for almost 20 years in Ireland. I am now living in Essex & teaching yoga across Herts & Essex. I am going to be starting a Pregnancy Yoga class & wondered where would be a good place to advertise the class. If anyone can suggest somewhere I can leave some leaflets or a poster that would be a great help. Thanks! Sarah

malin100 Sun 24-Apr-16 10:42:16

I'd focus more on advertising online as that's where I mostly search for classes (can't get a pregnancy yoga class local to me, sadly!). Mumsnet have a page for it, local Facebook community type groups are good to post on, make sure you have a website with good keywords that comes up when you search "pregnancy yoga Essex" or similar, and that the website has all the information they need (times, locations, prices, dates the class won't be on, how many weeks pregnant you need to be to start going, what to bring/wear, whether you need to have done yoga before or not). I'd also put an ad in a local newspaper or village newsletter where the classes will be run. Beyond that, some leaflets and posters might help but for me personally, I can't think of anywhere I'd have come across them (work full time, spend weekends at home or visiting family and do online shopping or quick dash into Tesco but don't have time to look at their noticeboards etc, if they even have any). Maybe someone else can help with that part.

JojoChuHi Sun 24-Apr-16 15:48:13

Hi Sarah.
That's a coincidence, I live in that area and was just wondering where I could do some yoga!

The Facebook idea is good, I go there to find out all local news. Some groups don't allow ads though, but others might be more flexible (no pun intended...)

I'm in bishops Stortford and the Herts and Essex observer newspaper is the main source of info here, maybe you could get other local papers to do a piece on your business to drive more interest too?

And if you have a venue sorted, I'm sure they'll let you put up flyers? Rhodes Centre here could be a start?

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