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hair dye

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duckyisback Sat 23-Apr-16 13:32:58

Can someone remind me whether it is safe or not to dye your hair during pregnancy?

Am pregnant with dc3, a surprise, I had awful roots when I found out I was pregnant and am now 8+5 and they are really bad.

I use home dye if that makes a difference.

I have googled, some pages say it's ok, some say wait until after 12 weeks but that is because the colour might not come out right.

RNBrie Sat 23-Apr-16 13:36:24

I asked my gp about this when I was pregnant with Dc1. He couldn't believe it was NHS advice and made me show him the page in Emma's Diary where it says you shouldn't do it.

Anyway, from what I understand, pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive so do a patch test 24 hrs before doing your hair. I've continued to highlight mine with no issues throughout three pregnancies.

duckyisback Sat 23-Apr-16 15:46:47

Thank you! Can't wait to get it done shock

Beautifulfreakmua Sat 23-Apr-16 22:25:39

I'm a hairstylist and currently 22 weeks pregnant. I've had scores of pregnant clients over the last 12 years! Hair colour is safe however because your hormones are raging and your body temp is higher the colour could turn out a bit different but I've only ever had that happen to one person once. And it's only more likely to happen if it's a scalp bleach. smile get it done and enjoy treating yourself!

duckyisback Sun 24-Apr-16 05:59:52

Thanks beautiful! Was hoping people would say that! grin

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