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Not feeling pregnant at 5 weeks

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Yawninghippo Fri 22-Apr-16 07:18:28

I'm 5 weeks today and had slight nausea since I got my bfp and tiredness and breast soreness. But now it's all gone! It's too early to scan to check anything and I'm doing tests daily just to check. I'm using clear blue digital and the week indicator is still showing 2-3 which it was last Thursday. Should I be worried?

AnUtterIdiot Fri 22-Apr-16 08:08:51

The CB week things aren't accurate. I had nothing at 5 weeks apart from tiredness and mildly tender boobs. Now, at 7.5 weeks, the boobs feel like rocks, I am constantly nauseous (though not actually sick for which I am profoundly grateful) and I have constant heat rashes. And still knackered. Enjoy this special time of mild symptoms, OP smile

Luna7993 Fri 22-Apr-16 08:50:40

I also had nothing at 5 weeks - by 6.5 weeks was being sick every 20 mins! These next few weeks are unfortunately just a waiting game.
Oh and ditch the CB digis

Artandco Fri 22-Apr-16 08:53:44

I didn't notice anything the first 20 weeks really ( didn't even find out until 18 weeks with second). At 5 weeks baby is like a pumpkin seed or something, so unless your vomitting lots I doubt many would have symptoms

Dollface136 Fri 22-Apr-16 09:06:02

Please don't worry. Every woman is different. I didn't have many noticeable symptoms, and still don't apart from bump at 17 weeks, but all scans reveal a healthy baby. 5 weeks is far too early for a lot of people to notice much so you sound normal to me. Also, as others said, a shop pregnancy test isn't going to document your growing hormone levels with much accuracy as currently they are still relatively low. Best of luck to you xx

GunShotResidue Fri 22-Apr-16 09:13:28

Most women don't get symptoms until 6-8 weeks, some are lucky and don't get them at all!

The CB tests showed the same week for a few weeks for me, now 36 weeks pregnant and being beaten up from the inside!

BorisIsBack Fri 22-Apr-16 09:50:04

I'm feeling the same as you at 9 weeks! Still waiting to feel pregnant. Ditch the CB digis they are unreliable.

freerangeeggs Fri 22-Apr-16 10:39:32

I didn't know I was pregnant at five weeks. Implantation cramps started about six weeks and were the reason I took a test in the first place (thanks Google), then the sickness started, which was fun. Now I'm back to feeling relatively normal with occasional bouts of queasiness. You have lots to look forward to I'm sure wink

twocultures Fri 22-Apr-16 11:19:09

I didn't even know I was pregnant until 8 weeks! I have irregular periods and every now and then they skip a month too and I only noticed it because all of a sudden my boobs were HUGE! DP wasn't complaining lol
And even after I found out there were no other signs until a bump started appearing around 17ish weeks.
So don't worry!

Twinklelittlestar1 Fri 22-Apr-16 11:46:40

I didn't feel pregnant at all at 5 weeks. Took several tests just to check it was still true. At 6 weeks I started with awful sickness that has kept me off work for the next three + weeks. Be grateful for the lack of symptoms, they may be a good reminder that you're pregnant but can be very unpleasant, believe me! My friend was lucky enough to have virtually no symptoms all the way through, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Nahma Fri 22-Apr-16 11:54:57

Haven't had any symptoms apart from boobs got a bit bigger to start with and I was a bit more tired then usual weeks 4-6, then no symptoms at all. 13 weeks and all good. Scan showing a very lively baby so please don't worry. I really wish I hadn't spent my first 12 weeks stressing about lack of symptoms! smile

Kirjava Fri 22-Apr-16 12:03:13

Despite having a sizeable bump that is wriggling around, I don't 'feel' pregnant at 24 weeks.

Enjoy not having symptoms. You could get struck at any minute with non stop puking! And congrats!

Oh and stop with the clearblues and any other hpt. Expensive and anxiety inducing habit.

notinagreatplace Fri 22-Apr-16 12:23:50

that's loads of symptoms!

I feel like there is this widespread misconception that all women are throwing up every hour for the entire first trimester and feel completely different at all times during pregnancy - it's really not true. Many many women feel completely normal for large stretches of pregnancy.

MetalMidget Fri 22-Apr-16 12:51:40

I didn't have any symptoms until 9 weeks or so. I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, was utterly gobsmacked and not expecting it at all (we'd been trying for two years, had just had loads of investigations done, and had an appointment with the fertility consultant due the day after the positive!)

MetalMidget Fri 22-Apr-16 12:53:45

Oh, and when I did get symptoms they were pretty mild - throwing up once every couple of days, feeling tired - lasted until about 13 weeks? Now I'm 27 weeks gone, with a waddle and feeling exhausted and hungry!

Yawninghippo Fri 22-Apr-16 15:06:13

I think it was the nausea disappearing along with the weeing every 5 mins that worried me. Been quite achy too but that's probably just because of 3 previous c sections. But no spotting at all. Scared myself yesterday reading about silent miscarriages. Despite doing this before I'm not at all serene and confident that all is well! Thank you everyone for all your advice and comments!

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