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Just pregnant and rather terrified!

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Enigma1975 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:43:21

Hello :-)

I only found out i'm pregnant at the weekend - currently 5 weeks and a few days. Eeek!

I'm 40 and came off the pill at Christmas - I was convinced that I wasn't ovulating as my cycle was all over the place, so really wasn't actually expecting anything to happen. In fact I was getting ready to talk to my GP about nothing happening!

I got a positive result the day my partner and I came back from holiday - during which I was doing some pretty serious sport (cycling), having the odd glass of wine, and taking lots of tablets for a horrid cold / cough / sinus thing. Eeek. I now obviously feel TERRIFIED that i've done, eaten and taken all the wrong things... I have my first doctors appointment next Friday so hopefully he can advise me!

Starting to feel decidedly poo as well - like I have constant indigestion and very sore boobs :-/

Ironically my easily stressed boyfriend is really chilled about everything - whereas I am usually unflappable and can;t quite believe what's happened.....!!!

Anyway, hello all :-)

FuzzyOwl Thu 21-Apr-16 20:46:01

Congratulations and try not to worry about what you have already done, although I know how anxious pregnacy is and that it is much easier said than done. I hope everything goes well for the next eight months.

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