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Advice on weight gain in first trimester

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TheMockTurtle Thu 21-Apr-16 12:02:02

Hi guys! I feel really fortunate to have fallen pregnant for a third time and my husband and I are super excited.

So I'm pretty lucky that usually I don't really have to think about my weight. I just try and keep active and I have a normal appetite etc and it seems to stay steady. However, one of my pregnancy things is my insatiable appetite. I'm only 8.5 weeks pregnant and at my booking in appointment the doc told me I had put on 6lbs! In 8 weeks!

I am incredibly hungry most of the time. It's a desperate hunger. If I don't eat I feel sick. And even sore! Often I want a full meal because I am so hungry! And this is between meals. If I keep going like this I'm going to be huge! I put on a lot of weight in my second pregnancy (don't know how much, never kept track) and did lose it all but I would rather not pile on all this weight again if I can help it. I have been keeping active. Having my daily walks, attending Pilates weekly etc, but still, I'm seeing this increase. My tummy does look 5 months pregnant in the evenings. It's embarrassing.

I guess I'm asking what I can eat - during those times I'm so hungry I need to kill someone - that is healthy, savoury, and not going to make me pile on more weight! What do you think? Has anyone experienced the same thing? You'd think I would relax. I've been through this twice and lost the weight both times, but I can't help but be worried by how much I've put on already.

fairgroundsnack Thu 21-Apr-16 12:08:48

I'm exactly the same! I'm now 14+4 with DC3 and I've been incredibly hungry all the time since about 4 weeks. I just went with the flow, ate loads of pasta and fruit (as well as biscuits...) and did put on about 8lb in the first 8 weeks.

Just this week I have started to feel much better, much more active, and much less hungry (particularly the carb craving!). I'm now trying to make healthier choices for snacks, lunches etc. and be more active (walking where possible, a bit of running, swimming, going to the gym...).

I would just go with it for now and reassess in a few weeks' time, when you will be over the first trimester weirdness. In the meantime try and snack on fruit, nuts, healthy snack bars etc. rather than chocolate and biscuits.

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