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Need some help anyone going through or went through this

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Jeffant1005 Thu 21-Apr-16 04:44:25

Iam 6weeks pregnant and i been having cramps all around my belly and lower back pain and all the symptoms and my belly is getting bigger i had four ultrasounds and they cant see anything but the sac so they said i had a miscarriage but iam not bleeding or spotting i am hungry all the time and my boobs hurt and get sick when i eat iam always tried so i dont know what to think does anyone know this is so hard on me because they want me to term my pregnancy and i can feel it in my gut no to to hold on

skankingpiglet Thu 21-Apr-16 09:00:25

It could be a missed miscarriage or it could be you ovulated late in your cycle and it's too early to see anything yet. How come you have had 4 scans so early in your pregnancy? Have you/your hospital had reason to be concerned about miscarriage? If the scans were done by the NHS they usually have you back in a week to rescan to have a look if there is any change. I'm not sure how it would work if your scans were private (although I know the NHS want their own scans and won't rely on the private ones), but I would contact your midwife/EPAU for advice if so.

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