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Hypothyoid mums

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1001questions Wed 20-Apr-16 16:18:46

Hi all
If you're on thyroxine for life like I am, could you tell me a bit about your experiences of how it affected your pregnancy? Specifically I'd like to know:

How often were your levels checked?
Did you have a test while ttc?
Did your condition affect the type of care you received?
Does it make you higher risk by default?

I'm hypo and have had one early mc so want to rule it out as a factor. My levels often seem to go up and down yet I'm only having blood tests every year so the first thing I'll do is try and get them under control.

Luna7993 Wed 20-Apr-16 19:24:25

I've had 3 children, each time I got the '+' pregnancy test the GP would up my dosage by 25% immediately and then I have blood tests ever 4-8 weeks to check levels. Apparently being on too low a dose 'can' cause early mc. Also having hypothyroidism during pregnancy means you'll be seen by an endocrine clinic, to help monitor levels. I never felt being on thyroxine really affected my pregnancies too much, except when I had 6-8 weeks of horrendous morning sickness and really struggled to keep the pills down.
If you are TTC just make sure you're on the correct dosage, speak to your GP about it.

Junosmum Wed 20-Apr-16 19:34:17

Tested every 6 weeks from 16 weeks. Was also tested at 4 weeks after bfp. Levels remained stable throughout but at 16 weeks levothyroxine was increased as "it's expected". I got pregnant quickly so my levels weren't checked prior to pregnancy other than standard annual/ change in medication tests.

I was 'consultant led care' which meant that I saw a member of the pregnancy endocrine team every 6 weeks but as my pregnancy was fine they signed me off at 36 weeks, classed as low risk and placed back with midwife led care.

Tbh, I worked myself up something chronic about it all and I had a totally normal pregnancy.

MrsMac1397 Wed 20-Apr-16 19:44:35

Hi, I've had hypothyroidism from birth. My levels have been stable for years now so didn't get them checked while trying to conceive.

Once I knew I was pregnant I went to GP and asked for a blood test to check my levels.

During my 1st pregnancy I was consultant led and they checked me throughout each trimester - basically everytime I had a check up they took blood. My levels remained stable the entire way through.

During this pregnancy - I had an appointment with the consultant at 16 wks and was told they were happy for me to go back to the community, they'll check my levels within each trimester. As my levels are stable I'm happy with that decision but wouldn't be scared to ask at any appointment to have them checked.

I'm not sure whether I was classed as high risk first time round and assume I'm not this time.


1001questions Wed 20-Apr-16 19:46:51

Thanks both. I've been sent off for blood tests now so should soon be clearer on whether current levels are OK. I always assumed as it's a hormonal thing that it could play havoc with pregnancy, but sounds like it's easy enough to keep tabs on.

Bowserlovesmojitos Thu 21-Apr-16 08:12:18

Been hypothyroid for about 9 years now - second pregnancy after first ended in mc. Both times I saw an endocrinologist as soon as I got the positive, had my dosage upped up 25mcg and had/have 4 weekly blood tests. As its classed as low risk I basically keep an eye on my TSH level and increase/decrease my meds as needed. Any issues or if I feel unwell I have to go back but it's fairly straightforward. I've been pretty constant so not sure if it played a role in my other mc or losing the twin in this of but I can only try keeping on top of it and being sensible.

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