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AnUtterIdiot Wed 20-Apr-16 10:27:01

7 + 1. Discovered yesterday evening that I have a rash over my thighs, trunk, neck, face and upper arms. Calves, lower arms, hands and feet spared. The rash is sort of little pale pink dots, slightly raised. It doesn't itch so not the liver related disorder that I know is immediate cause for concern. Could be nettle rash or a heat rash I suppose. I'm prone to dermatitis anyway and appreciate that pregnancy makes your skin more sensitive. I'll obviously phone the doctor tomorrow if it hasn't gone away as that gives it 48 hours to sling its hook, but is this something I should be freaking out about now? I feel fine in myself apart from the usual knackeredness and nausea.

Laura280315 Wed 20-Apr-16 10:52:29

Early on in my pregnancy I had small pin prick rash that was very itchy on my thighs and stomach, settled after a few days xx

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