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Travelling when pregnant and need insurance

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iloveberries Wed 20-Apr-16 10:00:03

I have a family holiday booked when I am 33 weeks pregnant. (fly out at 32 and back at 33.)

Have spoken to Consultant and midwife and both see no reason why I shouldn't go (DC 1 delivered at term and so far an uncomplicated pregnancy.)

Airline rules say I am fine to fly with a Doctors note.

Insurer says I am insured for any pregnancy related complications but NOT for premature labour after 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Does anyone know of any other insurers who would insure to a little later in case of premature birth? The risk is extremely low but I would rather be covered just in case.

Thank You

malvinandhobbes Wed 20-Apr-16 10:17:39

We have post office travel insurance and they say:

"Pregnancy and Childbirth
This policy has been designed to cover most events
which may happen during your trip, but we cannot
cover all expenses and possibilities. Under Section
5 – Medical Emergency and Associated Expenses we
provide cover for necessary and reasonable expenses
caused by your illness, injury or death commencing
during the period of insurance. We do not consider
pregnancy or childbirth to be an illness or injury.
However, we only provide cover under Sections 1,
5, 6 & 7 – Cancellation and Curtailment, Medical
Emergency and Associated Expenses, Hospital Benefi t
and Personal Accident of this policy, for claims that
arise from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. "

I would consider a birth at 33 weeks to be a complication, but haven't asked directly. When I tried to tell them about my pregnancy generally, they didn't even want me to add it to my list of conditions. They are terribly interested in my inhalers, but don't care at all about the pregnancy.

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