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Stoma reversal surgery

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kandrjack82 Tue 19-Apr-16 21:40:37

I'm 17wks pregnant and I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a Stoma reversal operation?
I had mine 10yrs and now with me being pregnant I'm just a bit concerned about how I'll cope with my internal pouch full term... I've got an appointment with my surgeon next week to find out more info but wanted to see if anyone has had similar surgery?? 

hopeful31yrs Tue 19-Apr-16 23:30:20

Haven't got any experience of this personally but have a good understanding of the surgery (medical background) and your 'new' anatomy. The affects that I could see are potentially due to pressure. The pouch is essentially a reservoir - and i could imagine that increased pressure down there in the pelvis could cause you to have to go more frequently - reduced capacity?

hope your surgeon has more information xxx oh and congrats!

kandrjack82 Wed 20-Apr-16 20:10:17

Thanks so much for replying!
It's good to hear from someone that knows about my plumbing - the midwifes at the hosp are pretty useless hence why I'm looking forward to seeing my surgeon for a bit more info... when I had my surgery I was only early 20's so the conversation of having kids never came up so I'm interested to hear all about it now!!
Thanks again and of course for the congrats too! Xxx

hopeful31yrs Wed 20-Apr-16 20:46:06

Sure - I'm not sure its the kind of thing that midwives would have an understanding of. I would discuss with your surgeon regarding potential issues in labour or the outside eventuality of needing a C-section and I would address this with the midwives also (it's something i would ask to see a obstetric consultant for in the first instance). It's something that would require some consideration prior to the whole giving birth process just so that the medical team is fully aware. You have more complex anatomy down there and, although the uterus when it expands will protect most of your bits and pieces its not going to be entirely the same as someone with different plumbing!

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