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Roughly 7 weeks pregnant morning sickness gone?!?

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Bethh123 Tue 19-Apr-16 07:22:05

Found out the doctors that I was pregnant at 6 weeks since finding out my morning sickness was really bad. Yesterday I virtually had no morning sickness what so ever but I still had tender boobs is this normal or should I be worried? I was ill before finding out with a cold/flu could this have something to do with it. Im all getting mild cramps every now and again.

duckyisback Tue 19-Apr-16 07:27:18


I found out I was pregnant when I was 3 weeks shock And I had real bad morning sickness. I had a scan at 5.5 but no heartbeat so was booked back in two weeks for a viability scan. During that two weeks, all my symptoms completely vanished and all I had was cramping. I was convinced something had gone wrong. Went for my scan last week and all is fine, there was a little heartbeat there smile.

Afreshstartplease Tue 19-Apr-16 07:30:19

It'll be back!

Mine kept doing this going for a couple of days then back full force

Bethh123 Tue 19-Apr-16 07:35:20

Aww so happy that a heart beat was there. I really hope that is the case with me I haven't had any scans yet but I might go to the doctors a push for one. I really need to stop looking so much into it all because I'm panicking myself.

Bethh123 Tue 19-Apr-16 07:36:40

I've had a bit of sicknees this morning but I don't know if it's because I'm really panicking about miscarrying but hopefully it's coming back

IWantToLiveInPawnee Tue 19-Apr-16 07:42:52

I know exactly how you feel. Every little change is worrying. Try to relax though it's perfectly normal for symptoms to come and go.

I had sickness from 7-23 weeks, it abating for a day or 2 at a time, so is enjoy these few sick free days!

It can be so scary before your 12 week scan but there's no reason why there'll be any problems.

Congratulations thanks

Feeches Tue 19-Apr-16 07:48:22

My morning sickness peaked and troughed for weeks. On random days I was ok but generally sick from weeks 6 to 16. Weeks 9-10 were the worst so enjoy your sick free days!

Bethh123 Tue 19-Apr-16 07:54:21

Thank you everyone. It's nice to see more reassuring responses. Do you think there's much point going doctors or isn't there much point?

FifiRebel Tue 19-Apr-16 08:00:39

I was sick once in first trimester then never again...although hoping I don't jinx myself as I'm 25+5!

WerewolvesNotSwearwolves Tue 19-Apr-16 08:03:13

Mine did the same. The cause of it is 11 months old now and sitting in his high chair covered in porridge.

ermmm Tue 19-Apr-16 08:12:20

My sickness hasn't been around for two days following two weeks of all day puking😩.im glad it's gone but now reading the above I guess it can reappear 😁

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