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Someone please talk some sense into me re. Early labour

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I'm 32+3, seeing my midwife this afternoon for a routine appointment, but have been paranoid all weekend that I'm going into labour!
Since about weds last week my usual evening BH have been starting with an intense pain in my back which moves into my hips before my stomach tightens, it was tight all day yesterday and every time I stood up I got a period-type cramping very low down and in my back. I've had diarrhoea (sorry tmi blush ) several times since yesterday morning and this morning the backs of my thighs are aching and ive got pressure in my Lowe back and pelvis. My bump has also dropped lower in the last few days.
Phew that was long, sorry! Does any of this relate to impending labour? Should I be worried or just take it easy? Obviously will mention it all today but some experience would be good so I know not to play it down (my usual!) or up and end up in hospital looking silly.

This is DC4, I should know what I'm doing hmm

Luna7993 Mon 18-Apr-16 09:20:34

I am 36 weeks today and can honestly say I've been experiencing the same for the last 3-4 weeks. Intense BH, diarrhoea, very low bump, increase discharge, feel like baby's gonna fall out, etc. A few period type pains. But so far nothing. I asked midwives, they said its just body getting ready, and it could mean anything. I still feel like I'm going to go earlier rather than later. This is DC3 for me, so probably just because I've been down this road before the early labour symptoms are more noticeable.

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