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I'm going to sound like a nut here, but........

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weepootleflump Tue 09-Jan-07 13:56:56

I went shopping this morning and when I went down certain aisles I felt really queasy at the smells.
It was exactly like early stages of morning sickness I've had before.
The embarrassing bit is: I'm ov at the mo, so if I'm pg I'm only a couple of days gone- surely I can't be getting symptons yet?
With previous pgs my morning sickness has started around 6 weeks.
It sounds really stupid now that I've written it down, but the other thing was I had a headache- which I hardly ever get except when pg.

scorpio1 Tue 09-Jan-07 13:59:01

maybe its your hormone levels going haywire? i remember the nasty smells when i was pg....

good luck

weepootleflump Tue 09-Jan-07 14:07:45

I'm sure you're right scorpio, my body's probably just playing tricks because I want to be pg.

poppiesinaline Tue 09-Jan-07 14:14:57

I started morning sickness before AF was due (prob 5 days after conception) with my 3rd. Thats how I knew I was pregnant. It wasnt planned either, so it wasnt my brain playing 'tricks'.

So, you never know! Keep us posted.

weepootleflump Tue 09-Jan-07 14:25:39

I'm trying for 3rd now. I didn't actually expect to get an answer like your's though poppy- I've never heard of anyone get morning sickness before 5/6 wks.
Roll on end of month so I can do a test

poppiesinaline Tue 09-Jan-07 21:42:34

yep, I know the day I fell pregnant. It was a Wednesday. The following Monday night I woke up at 3 am and felt awful. I went downstairs and sat at my dining room table sipping some water and thought 'uh oh, I know this feeling'. Went to chemist Tuesday morning to get a pregnancy test and it was positive

Hope you get the result you want weepootleflump

kittylette Tue 09-Jan-07 21:44:07

i got my bfp when the day i was due my period, but my mum was cooking chips in oil about a week before - i smelt it and went all sickly

i knew i was pregnant then

Spidermama Tue 09-Jan-07 21:45:36

I get heightened smell awarenss at different points in my cycle. It's very pronouced in pregnancy though. I can smell someone wearing perfume or smoking about a mile away.

Miaou Tue 09-Jan-07 21:49:22

I'm pg with my fourth and each time I "knew" I was pregnant within a couple of days of conception. It's not unusual - I've had three different doctors ask me if I felt pregnant when I went for a test, and when I said "yes" they took that as seriously as the pg test!

hairymclary Tue 09-Jan-07 21:50:20

oh how odd, I was going to post a similar thread.
we're ttc at the moment and I have had heightened sense of smell, and period type pains even though it's only a couple of days since we "did it" lol

hairymclary Tue 09-Jan-07 21:50:45

so how soon can you test?

misdee Tue 09-Jan-07 21:52:32

with dd1+2 the sickness started almost as soon as conception. i spent 2 weeks puking with dd1 before i could test, thats how quickly it happened. dd2 was about a week and a half of sickness.

dd3 however, the sickness and headiness as i call it started at 6weeks.

weepootleflump Tue 09-Jan-07 22:09:49

thanks everyone, I'm off to jump dh now- just in case I'm not pg

weepootleflump Tue 09-Jan-07 22:16:09

oh and good luck hairy .

weepootleflump Tue 09-Jan-07 22:17:05

I'm sure I've read on here that there's no point testing until AF is due, is that just to save wasting tests or would a BFP not show up before then?

3Ddonut Tue 09-Jan-07 22:21:42

I felt nauseous just days after conceiving our third, thought it must just 'be me' because I'd only had nausea in the fifth sixth week before, but it was pg related as it turned out (unplanned)

With certain brands of pg test, you can test up to four days before AF is due, but the percentages aren't as good as if you test from the day of AF, however, my personal belief is that if you are feeling symptoms so early, the hormone levels would be high enough to test early, Good luck!

weepootleflump Wed 10-Jan-07 09:09:44

thanks donut, I'll try holding out for another week I think

Indith Wed 10-Jan-07 09:19:29

I knew I was pg before AF was due, and this is my first so nothing to compare it to, and it was an accident so not ven the ttc nerves etc messing with my mind! Quite impressive I thought!

hairymclary Wed 10-Jan-07 19:10:17

isn't this exciting weepootleflump? we'll both be testing next week

aprilmeadow Wed 10-Jan-07 19:24:37

I started getting MS at 3weeks this time but didnt have anything til 6weeks with ds.

weepootleflump Wed 10-Jan-07 19:37:24

Is next week when your AF is due Hairy? Mine not due till end of month but I've got some cheapo tests from Ebay so will use one next week.
How many dc do you have already?

tigersmom Wed 10-Jan-07 19:58:39

I had nausea with both pg's instantly. In fact I did 6 tests with this one early on, all said negative, but I still knew I was pg - eventually they started showing positive and reassured me that I wasn't going mad . good luck!

3Ddonut Wed 10-Jan-07 21:52:16

weepootleflump and hairymclary, will be watching this space for your (hopefully) nappy news!

hairymclary Wed 10-Jan-07 22:10:11

wel, I am a bit crap at noting down when AF is due but I think end of next week.
I just paid 10 pence for an ultra early test on ebay, it said you can test from 7 days after conception, so hopefully next week it should give me the result.

Jamantha Thu 25-Jan-07 18:22:27

Well I now feel a bit better. Based on last period, concept date would have been Oct 22 and I started feeling sick (if only a bit) Nov 1st! Took test Nov 9th, when a few days late which was positive. I've thought since that I must have been mad those days earlt November. But maybe not...

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