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Anything else I can do to help this along??

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Undertheboredwalk Fri 15-Apr-16 13:55:46

Am 37+2 today, baby no.4, each one has come earlier than the last and my last labour was at 38 weeks. So planning/expecting/hoping! not too much longer.
I Had a growth scan at 34 weeks which showed growth was fine but baby was breech, spent a few weeks doing all the recommended exercises and had a presentation scan on Weds, baby is now head down thankfully, but they said my waters are high, not quite at the limit to be considered polyhydramnios (sp?) but have been given all the warnings re cord prolapse etc, and am booked for rescan at 39 weeks as well as repeating GTT test incase diabetes developed since the 28 week one. I'm overweight and baby's belly measured 41 weeks on scan, head was 39 weeks, legs just over 37. So I think all of this combined has made them think possible gestational diabetes. I'm booked for and still ok to have home birth they say, and desperately want to keep it that way!
Last 3-4 days I have suddenly switched from extreme constipation to very loose bowels (tmi sorry!) needing the toilet multiple times each day and I had a small show last night. So I'm thinking I'm not too far off, how can I help push this so I don't end up two weeks time in the hospital!
I'm bouncing on my ball a lot, have tried nipple stimulation which is definitely bringing on contractions but they stop as soon as I stop so not sure if that's actually helping?
Anything else realistic that I can try?

Undertheboredwalk Fri 15-Apr-16 18:26:11


Undertheboredwalk Sun 17-Apr-16 08:48:13


ftmsoon Sun 17-Apr-16 08:50:47

I'm afraid I don't I there is realistically anything you can do.

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