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HCG level advice. - not gone up enough?

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babyangelbean20315 Thu 14-Apr-16 15:53:11

Hi everyone, I have not been on here for about a year, been TTC since my mmc in Sept 14, I found out on the 10th that I am pregnant again, however Tuesday I was having pains so I went to the GP who refered me to the EPC to get scanned. Unsure of how far gone I am due to a very short period in March with very light bleeding.

So basically, i went to the hospital on tuesday, Scan showed Gestational Sac but no fetal pole, which didnt help obviously, so they advised me - 1, could be too early in the pregnancy. 2, could be 'unknown location' or 3, I could be miscarrying AGAIN!!!

I am only 23 !! this is very hard to deal with AGAIN!!
they did my bloods on tuesday, went in again today to repeat my bloods. I received a phone call about 30 mins ago saying my HCG has risen by about 46% but they would like to see it go up by about 64%

they told me at this point they cant tell what is going on and i need to go in again on saturday to do blood tests again!

now obviously i dont mind to keep doing the blood tests to find out what is going on but i am currently now just stuck.....Am i still pregnant? is my baby growing in the right place???/ i have so many questions that they wont answer...... I was just hoping for some one with some experience with this??

after googling this i have found an article that says it does not need to double each 48 hrs but i am unsure what to believe and obviously after last time i am very concerned (especially because it has taken this long to conceive and I am young to have issues with fertility etc...?

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