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Confused and stressed!

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Olishi Thu 14-Apr-16 11:29:00

Okay so I already made a post about watery discharge and thrush, however I'm still really confused about what's going on!

Basically, a week ago I was at a midwife appointment and went to do a urine sample. I noticed my underwear was very damp. As I mentioned it to the midwife I suddenly felt a bit of wetness. Half and hour later there was also some red spotting when I went for another wee.

Midwife sent me to maternity triage where I was monitored. The ctg showed some uterine activity (I had been having some uncomfortable tightening for a few days) and I was given a swab which has since come back positive for thrush.

I have no symptoms at all other than this clear, watery 'discharge' that has no smell and dries quite quickly in my underwear leaving no stains (sorry tmi!) like discharge normally does.

Sometimes it is just a small patch, other times my entire underwear. It also only occurs once a day or for less then an hour, then I am bone dry all day.

No redness, soreness or itchiness.

At the hospital they scanned me with a portable scanner where my waters were measuring at 3cm in 3 quadrants, could not measure the 4th quadrant. I had another 'proper' scan yesterday and was told the waters were normal (although she didn't actually measure them) but babies size and weight is looking normal.

Dues to mix ups with my prescriptions I still haven't even begun treating the thrush, so I know logically I should try not to assume anything until the thrush has been treated and see if the watery discharge stops. But I can't help but feel something is wrong.

I was induced due to loss of water with my first child. I was told over the phone I had probably just had a gush of wee, but a scan that same day confirmed it was my waters that had started to go. Again, one small leak and nothing else. No slow, constant leak. I was induced the next day.

Basically, has anyone else experienced this? Was it thrush, waters or just part of being pregnant? I am 29 weeks. Also, I have been getting Lower back pain and some internal cramping (like my cervix is being poked by a needle) which happens randomly and lasted for over 12 hours at its worst.

I feel like I'm driving myself crazy waiting for the worst!

spandau1980 Thu 14-Apr-16 15:46:01

Hi Hun
I have v bad thrush and it's more watery than cottage cheese
I get it on and off all day every day
If you had this problem with water leakage previously then are you at higher risk of it again??they should be listening to you at triage ect
The scans all seem very positive though so that's good smile
Maybe wear a pad and see how much comes out and take to midwife /triage
I also get a lot of aches and pains and cramps ect all from about 16 week I'm now 37 weeks
Pls try to relax a little but you know your body best.
If in doubt go in to get checked

seven201 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:15:30

If you haven't got the prescription through just get someone to go and buy it (pessary) from behind the counter at a pharmacy. They won't give it to a pregnant woman without a prescription so you'd have to tell whoever went for you to lie. I have a repeat prescription for pessaries (during pregnancy) as my thrush never ever goes. Insert with a finger, not the applicator. I've had it for the last 13 years constantly. You can buy the pessary on Amazon prime too.

To be honest I never know what is normal discharge and what is thrush.

When I have my usual wee tests it always shows blood and some other stuff which is just because of the thrush.

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