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Gestational diabetes 2nd time around

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HeyitsBB Thu 14-Apr-16 09:42:30

Currently 22w with dc2. I was diagnosed at 28w with gestational diabetes when pregnant with ds. It seemed to escalate really quickly. I wasn't able to control my sugars through diet & was given insulin. My ds was at 34w & although the hospital has said no I suspect the diabetes caused my prem delivery.

I was clueless about it all first time around and probably didn't know the right questions to ask.

So basically I'm just asking for anyone's experience or advice of dealing with it a second time around. Is there anything you good folk think I should be pushing for with the hospital?

Liskee Thu 14-Apr-16 12:58:37

I was diagnosed at 28 weeks with DS. When I fell pregnant (currently 26 + 4) I was referred immediately to diabetes team as well as maternity by my GP. Had my first appointment with them the same day as my booking in appointment. They then had me take a GTT to confirm GD in this pregnancy at 16 weeks.

I know they say every pregnancy is different and you might not have it this time round, but the hospital I attend just assumed I would have it again, confirmed it and I'm now on medication an awful lot sooner than I was last pregnancy. I have very much appreciated that and I'm reassured by it too. I know the care I received with DS was excellent and I was well monitored and it certainly appears that it will be same this time round.

Are you under the care of the diabetes team at your hospital yet? If not, then I would push for a referral and start monitoring your blood sugars immediately. Start a GD diet now (low sugar, portioned carbs, plenty of leafy greens - dull dull dull!!), and dont panic!!

HeyitsBB Thu 14-Apr-16 22:18:40

Not Under the diabetes clinic yet as I was clear at my 16 week gtt. But I am consultant led as I popped early. I can't fault the level of care really as they took lovely care of us but I found them to be bit vague with information once diagnosed.

I think I probably need to be more assertive. I think I'm just a bit scared baby will come early again before I really have a chance to get my head around it all.

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