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15 weeks and suffering.

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Tealeaf321 Wed 13-Apr-16 21:25:07

From day 1 I haven't been able to be excited for our very much wanted baby due to crippling anxiety/ depressive thoughts. I thought after the mw app and 12 week scan i would be put at ease, but no i am nearly 15 weeks and have never felt so low. I am utterly convinced something is going to go wrong and am still knicker checking every 60 mins+ even though I have no history of miscarriage. On one hand I know I'm being irrational but on the other I'm feel as though it's my gut telling me something will go wrong. I also feel like I'm not coping with hormones very well, I often wake up and within seconds am in tears, Im not sure why I just feel 'broken' and then of course I convince myself it's because my body knows I won't make a full term healthy baby. I just want to be alone in bed and able to cry or sleep, i hate work, people and dont want to be around my friends which is just not me at all. Does anyone else get these thoughts and how do you manage? How am i going to manage another 25 weeks of this (hopefully) Is this just normal hormones stuff that everyone giggles about? Because it feels a bit more sinister than that, although I'm hoping to God it is.

Northernlight22 Thu 14-Apr-16 07:21:40

Oh tealeaf, sorry you are having a rough time. Talk to your midwife about it as well.

I'm week 14 and have days where I feel anxious and down like this, I had a mc last time and I'm terrified somethings going to go wrong. Talk to a friend too. I'm very hormonal at the mo and I'm not really up for seeing anyone or doing anything but I do force myself to do stuff, even if it's just with DH.

Take care

Eastend2015 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:31:41

Hi tealeaf so sorry you are struggling. I found the period until our 20 week scan quite hard as I have previously had an EP and MMC, 30 weeks now and still can't believe this should all work out for us. I don't know if it helps but this whole thing is a bit of a lottery and stressing about it working out or not won't change the outcome. If you are unlucky enough to miscarry I promise you will get through it, but do remember most pregnancies work out just fine. Please talk to your midwife about getting some support for your anxiety though. Good luck!

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