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8 weeks pain (previous MMC)

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Samkate Wed 13-Apr-16 13:23:35

I'm currently 8+4 weeks. I unfortunately suffered a MMC just before Christmas, so I was given an early reassurance scan 2 days ago.

Heartbeat was lovely to see and the sonographer and nurse were happy. Only thing to note was a haematoma, but was told not to worry. I might get some bleeding from it, if so they're happy to scan me again.

It was nice to have a scan, but I could only take minimal reassurance from it as even if I had had this scan last time, everything would have appeared well as the baby didn't die until 11+4. It'll be the 12 week scan I'm nervous at as that's when it all went wrong last time.

Since I got pregnant this time I have been generally uncomfortable. Just period type pains, which I know can be normal so I've never been worried. I've been surprising laid back about everything considering what happened.
But last night i got awful cramps to the point where I just went bed because it hurt so much. Now today I've got an awful griping pain low down on my left.

I called my midwife just to run it past her and she's said don't worry it could be implantation pains. Take paracetamol and put your feet up. Which is what I've done (well relaxed as much as I can with a 2 year old!).

I just seem to have been hit with an awful feeling of panic since last night. It's just come as a shock as I've been taking everything in my stride and even allowing a little bit of excitement. I think the bad pains have just really hit home that it's so fragile and can be taken from me so easily (not that I didn't know that already).

I also thought that implantation cramps happen really early on, like 3-4 weeks. Not 8 weeks?
Pains now can be down to stretching and moving of the uterus surely?

Oh I don't know what I'm expecting from this. My panic is just taking over me. Don't know where its come from. I just want these next few months to pass by and to please let me hold my healthy little baby.

smellsofelderberries Wed 13-Apr-16 16:27:22

Oh, you poor thing. I know exactly how you feel- I had a MMC (baby never developed) just into the new year. Currently at 9 weeks and feeling so very very nervous. I also have a haematoma and have had a lot of bleeding with it which makes things quite stressful. Basically, it's shit and you just need to keep your head down and get through each day. I get pains quite often, there is so much going on down there and if something is going wrong, that pain is impossible to miss.
Do you have another scan lined up before 12 weeks?
Just remember, this is a different pregnancy and there's no reason to think lightening will strike twice.

Samkate Wed 13-Apr-16 16:39:51

Thanks for replying. It's comforting but very sad to know someone similar is out there and understands how I'm feeling.
No I don't have any extra scans booked in. Just my dating scan which I'm waiting for a date for.
I've read that people are given extra ones to monitor the haematoma.
Have you got another booked in?

I just don't know where this panic has come from! I've been very calm and taking everything in my stride but today I've just turned and keep over thinking everything. I've lost count of the number of times I've checked if I'm bleeding today!

I'm at work tonight so it should take my mind off it for a bit and I'll spend the next couple of days taking it easy.
Going to have a word with my boss later about the scan and that I'm not going to participate in any heavy lifting tonight, which we normally do.

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