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Really Worried / Dates / Bleeding

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likklebex Wed 13-Apr-16 10:10:03

Hi there,

I am really quite worried and confused.

I have been bleeding for the last 3 days and spent the majority of yesterday (my birthday!) in the hospital. I went to the EPU and they scanned me. According to the first day of my last period, I am 8 weeks and 2 days today. The scan didn't show that. He said it showed either a 4 weeks pregnancy, or it showed a pregnancy that failed to develop at a very early stage.

My bleeding is mostly brown and only when I wipe (sorry TMI) and sometimes barely there at all. I had an internal examination by the doctor who said my cervix was closed and that that was encouraging. I had my bloods taken to measure HCG. She said that it was 1706 which was consistent with a 4 week pregnancy and that that was also reassuring. She has booked me in to have my bloods done again on Friday to check what the levels are doing. Obviously, if they go up, then all will appear to be in order, and if they go down then I am going to have to accept that this time is a no go.

My confusion lies here...

Date of last period was 15th Feb.
Date of first missed period was 14th March
Date of positive pregnancy test was 26th March
Date of second missed period was 11th April (I started the bleeding the day before and thought my period was coming)

If I am 8 weeks pregnant but that it failed at a very early stage, why is is still in there? Why Have i got no pain and why am i not bleeding heavily? The scan would suggest that it failed no later than 4 weeks in which means i have been carrying it around for 4 weeks with nothing... that doesn't make sense to me...

If i am indeed only 4 weeks pregnant, which all the signs appear to be pointing to if I am allowing myself a little hope, then how does that possibly work with my dates?

I know we are not doctors, but i didn't know if there was someone ot there that might be able to make sense of it all for me!

Many thanks xx

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