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tmi question but i need advice instead of just going to the doctors!

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kirst134 Wed 13-Apr-16 09:38:32

Morning ladies.
Has anyone had anything having no other pains or anything its only when i go to the toilet and wipe (tmi sorry!) It is painful, a bit like when you have thrush and it feels quite tender. I thought maybe it might be cystitis coming or something. But i just wondered if anyone's had anything similar before i go and embarrass myself at the doctors lol.
Thanks smile

Artioo2 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:06:06

That's not an embarrassing thing to go to the doctor's about, honestly. I have no medical experience, but I guess it could be a UTI, and you need to get those sorted when you're pregnant. If it is cystitis, they can give you something to clear it up.

CityMole Wed 13-Apr-16 11:29:58

Try not to worry- it's neither 'TMI' nor should it be embarrassing, and if it's causing you any concern you should see your doctor. I presume when you talk about going to the toilet you mean front end and not back end, in which case, which part is causing trouble? is it the top end (towards your urethra, where you pee from/ close to clitoris)? This might indicate a UTI or something else could be causing the irritation. Or is it in the inner labia? Or inside the lips in your actual vagina itself? Is there a discharge, and if so, what is the colour and consistency? Your GP will want to know all of this (or your pharmacist, should you decide to try and self-treat first). Your GP may need to do a swab to check whether it is bacterial/ fungal/ something else. Try to get over any embarrassment you may feel at this- it's normal in pregnancy to have all manner of strange goings on in your pants, and nothing to feel shy about.

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