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Brown spotting at 17w

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QueenMolotov Wed 13-Apr-16 09:25:23

I'm 17+1 with dc3 and found some brown spotting in my underwear this morning. It was mixed in with my usual discharge and seems to be slowing down now (had it for about 2hrs). I went for a walk which hasn't made it increase. I have spotted before but haven't had any since I was under 12w.

I have been having what I think is round ligament pain. I had a sexing scan on Saturday and routine antenatal check with my CMW yesterday and everything was fine at both appointments.

I have been feeling stressed lately as I'm trying to organise a house move, and got very upset on Monday as we were gazumped on the house I'd set my heart on. I also had to deal with a problem with dd1 which involved meeting with the headmaster of her school yesterday.

Just wondering if that brown spotting is linked to stress? Should I be taking things easier? Or is it just 'one of those things'?

QueenMolotov Wed 13-Apr-16 13:22:07


Vampishtortoise Wed 13-Apr-16 14:09:43

Hi I'm 19 weeks and had spotting at 6 weeks. Had scans and everything ok since. Last week had red spotting but only when I wiped (tmi) not in underwear and was only once. I worried and posted on here for advice and rang maternity unit which were fab. They didn't seem concerned on colour but asked me to monitor over 3 hours and see if it got worse and to go in if so... mine hasn't appeared since (fingers crossed) and no pain etc so they advised to stay put and ring if any further changes. This was Friday and nothing since. I'd advise to ring the maternity unit or your midwife for advice. Can't wait for scan 2 weeks tomorrow

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