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Boy or girl what do you think? just curious :D

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Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 15:35:24

Hi ladies!

I had my 12+6 scan today and me and my partner are split with me convinced little baba is a girl and him thinking a boy! We'll be over the moon whatever we have!

Just curious as to what you ladies might think! I've tried going via the nub theory but I can't really see the nub!

Any guesses via any theory or feeling are much appreciated haha! x

kinkytoes Tue 12-Apr-16 15:55:50

Can't you just bump your thread from yesterday instead of clogging up the Pregnancy board with this pointless guff? hmm

00100001 Tue 12-Apr-16 15:59:48

Why would what we say make a difference?

You'll get around 50/50 boy/girl anyway

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:11:28

For one I don't know how to bump and for two if you don't want anything to do with the thread don't comment.

For two it's just a bit of fun, I like to see what I get more of from friends/family etc and then see if they were right when we find out that's all.

VivaHate Tue 12-Apr-16 16:11:52

What difference does it make...just do like the rest of us do and wait until the 20 week scan hmm nobody knows for sure at this stage anyway.

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:14:07

I don't see why everyone has a problem, if you don't want to comment then don't.

I've already stated its only for a bit of fun to see how many of each I get from friends family etc and then see who was right.

I am "doing like the rest of you and waiting until 20 weeks" because I won't know for sure until then anyway it's literally for a bit of fun...

Penguinepenguins Tue 12-Apr-16 16:14:47

Bloody hell, do people really need to be so nasty! If you don't want to get involved or are not interested just move on.

Personally I like seeing others baby scans and results from POAS - if you don't just move on, there is just no need to be so bloody horrible.

Congratulations OP, no idea but congratulations xx

SpaceDinosaur Tue 12-Apr-16 16:15:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:16:06

Thank you Lovely!

I literally just like to ask what people think and see who was right seen as me and my partner are split on what we think we're seeing who has more on their team and who wins haha just a bit of fun because why not?!


00100001 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:18:00

But .... our responses wouldn't make you or your partner "right" - would they? [cofused]

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:18:31

Thank you for the sarcasm and appologise that you don't like my choice of words...

Honestly I suffer terribly from pregnancy hormones but why people decide they want to vent on random people's posts I don't know.

If I see one that I'm not interested in I just ignore it I don't understand why others don't do the same.

Can't believe my asking a question for the fun of it has ended up with all this grief...

00100001 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:18:54

P.s. no-one is as interested in your baby as you think they are

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:20:15

No not at all we just ask people what they think! My family tend to believe in all the old wives tales like being sick more is a girl etc so they've all formulated guesses and we're just curious as to what people think in relation to what we end up having!

Might seem silly to some but I thought nothing of just asking for fun because it wasn't a big deal for me

00100001 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:20:26

It's because it's such an inane question.

I might as well put this picture up and go - is he called Charlie or Freddie?

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:21:22

When did I say any of you were interested in my baby? You're being vile for no reason. Don't like my post then don't comment! Why you feel the need to insult me when you could literally just not get involved if you don't want to I cannot get my head around...

00100001 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:21:26

I personally am going doe the Blue Eyed Boy Ttheory - I think he's called Charlie. But DH says, no, he must be Freddie.

Who's right???

00100001 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:21:59

I'm pointing out the futility of your question.

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:23:03

Wow some of you have to do everything in life because it has a point and because it's logical right? do you never just do anything for fun?

If not that's your choice but it isn't mine. I'm not asking any of you to get involved with anything that doesn't interest you and I wouldn't expect you to, the same way I wouldn't myself.

My point is that I don't deserve to be abused because you aren't interested.

SpaceDinosaur Tue 12-Apr-16 16:23:40

Definitely a Charlie because he's poking the scissor line and that means he's a Charlie.

Freddie's all have brown eyes

Penguinepenguins Tue 12-Apr-16 16:28:28

I've reported this OP, I can't believe grown women can be so awful to a stranger on the Internet.

It's disgraceful behaviour

Mslg Tue 12-Apr-16 16:29:17

Hate these 'Guess my baby' threads myself but the nasty bitchy sarcasm is out of order.

Congratulations OP but there's no way in hell of being able to guess your baby's sex, 50/50 flowers

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:31:47

Thank you ladies!

I completely respect that some people aren't going to like or be interested in this post and that is completely fine!

All it is is that I'm pregnant with my first, I'm excited and asking people to make a guess and see what we had was just something we were going for fun that might seem pointless to some and it is but it's just harmless fun for us!

I don't mind people being uninterested of course, I see many posts I'm not interested in but I ignore them as I wish people would with this one if it isn't their cup of tea!

ChorusLine69 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:37:32

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your scan first of all! I don't see what people's problem is, and I'm sure it's pretty obvious it's only a bit of fun. I hope you're not taking notice of people's nasty comments! I would guess a girl btw . Hope all goes well and won't be too long til you can find out though it does seem ages - I am having a girl in Julysmile

Becciilouisex3 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:40:21

Thank you sweet!

Ah congratulations you're not too far from D-Day at all! I can't wait for you to meet your little girl and hope the rest of your pregnancy and labour is amazing!


PotOfYoghurt Tue 12-Apr-16 16:43:20

I think you're getting an unnecessarily hard time here op, this is a bit beyond what these threads normally get.
But^ it's probably because you used 'baba', referred to the MN collective as 'ladies' and put a 'X' at the end of your post- all of which tend to be met with vitriol here, so it probably got posters' backs up before they even replied.

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