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I have my dating scan on Wed & im so scared :(

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1moretime Mon 11-Apr-16 18:43:13

I am feeling nervous about my scan on Wednesday. I am 11+5 today & just feel so on edge.
I had a scan at 6 weeks 1 day & 9 weeks due to cramp's etc & little jelly bean looked fine & saw a strong heartbeat & yolk sac on both, but still I am worried.
This is my second baby and I can't remember feeling this nervous/scared the first time around.

originaldoozy Mon 11-Apr-16 18:53:32

I have a scan tomorrow. Had one at 10 weeks and all was well but I now feel sick with worry too. It is also my second and I did worry first time but nowhere near as much. I have no idea why ... but just wanted to say you are not alone in feeling this way.

originaldoozy Mon 11-Apr-16 18:54:24

Tomorrow is my dating scan/12 week scan too!

1moretime Mon 11-Apr-16 19:04:09

Aww thank you for your reply originaldoozy I guess everyone does worry before hand.. but I wasn't this bad first time round.
Iv had more cramp's this time & we found out I was pregnant in Feb after thinking I couldn't have anymore due to pcos &:underactive thyroid. Iv been on promethazine since 7 week for awful sickness & everything is just worrying me!

I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow hun. Wow we could be due within a day or 2 apart smile xxx

Honeybee79 Mon 11-Apr-16 19:06:41

Hope it also goes well!

I have an early pregnancy scan tmrw following IVF and I am terrified. I will be 6 + 2. Have had some fairly light spotting which has only added to the worry!

Good luck, it's normal to feel a bit anxious.

Jenjen85 Mon 11-Apr-16 19:31:38

I have worried loads more with this pregnancy and I had a scan at 4wks 6wks and 13wks early ones due to bleeding but Iv got my 20wk scan tomorrow and I'm still worrying

1moretime Mon 11-Apr-16 19:35:50

Thank you lovelies. Iv had no spotting just cramp's on & off since I found out & still getting them now.
My mum keeps saying the fact I'm still feeling/being sick is a good sign.

Best of luck to you both too smile
Let us know how you get on honeybee & Jenjen xx

Nahma Mon 11-Apr-16 22:17:04

Also got my dating scan tomorrow. Not had any symptoms for the last few weeks (and before that only tiredness and sore boobs). I haven't had any early scans so I'm really hoping all is well. It's our first. So scared I've had a MMC but will know this time tomorrow! Good luck with your scans ladies xx

DrSausagedog Mon 11-Apr-16 22:35:32

Good luck everyone.

I'm 10 weeks and had private scan at 8 weeks when all was fine. Fingers crossed it still is. I had a mmc with first pg so hard not to worry, but grateful that I've had 2 healthy DC since then.

I'm hoping midwife will try to listen to heartbeat tomorrow but mustnt get hopes up as if placenta is in way etc it may not be possible even if baby is ok.

1moretime Tue 12-Apr-16 06:55:47

Good luck to you all going for your scans today. Let me know how it all goes.
Can they hear baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks drsausagedog ? Xx

Jenjen85 Tue 12-Apr-16 07:03:18

drsausagedog they tend not to listen to the heartbeat at the 12wk scan but the midwife did at my 16wk appointment (might just be a regional thing?)

Exciting day for a few of us. Good luck grin

originaldoozy Tue 12-Apr-16 08:33:34

On my way to my scan now. At my 10 week scan we saw the heart beating but didnt hear it.

Honeybee79 Tue 12-Apr-16 09:25:59

Good luck everyone! My scan is at noon today. So nervous. Had a tiny bit more brown spotting this morning.

1moretime Tue 12-Apr-16 09:46:16

Best of luck lovely ladies smile xx

originaldoozy Tue 12-Apr-16 10:43:13

Back from scan and all is well smile

Baby would not keep still, it was flipping around and kicking its legs and arms right out and turning its back on us. My little boy was nowhere near as active on the 12 week scan. Saw the heart beating again but didnt hear it. If my memory is right I think I first heard ot last time at my 16 week midwife appointment as I recorded the sound on my phone so that I could play it for my husband to hear later that day.

Nuchal measurements seemed fine (1.3mm) and I measured 12+4 so due on 22nd October. Had bloods taken too for thr screening tests. They said I would hear by phone withint 3 days if there were any issues or by letter in about 2 weeks time if not.

Huge relief. It was great to see the baby moving around so much. Good luck to all those with scans later today or later this week.

1moretime Tue 12-Apr-16 12:09:55

Aww fantastic news originaldoozy
Im getting excited about mine tomorrow but still so nervous.
Aww little wriggler eh? Have you felt any flutters yet? X

Honeybee79 Tue 12-Apr-16 13:15:22

Great news originaldoozy. Many congratulations!

Just on my way home from my scan. They found one little heartbeat!! Dr said not to worry too much about the brown spotting, tho go to EPU if it becomes bright red and/or is accompanied by pain. Fingers crossed all will be ok.

Jenjen85 Tue 12-Apr-16 14:45:05

Glad everything was fine for you ladies I'm jealous as I have to wait until 4pm for mine!!! Still undecided about finding out if blue or pink tho

originaldoozy Tue 12-Apr-16 18:53:33

Great news honeybee. Ifs so nice to see that little heart flickering away. 1moretime I actually felt it for the first time at 9 weeks which I thought was way to early but a little google led to lots of other women on a second or third pregnancy saying the same. Its just such a distinctive feeling. Only feel it at the moment if I am curled up on the sofa or some other position which constricts that area if you see what I mean. Felt first one at 16 weeks but not strongly/definitely until a few weeks after that as I just didnt know the feeling to know for sure.

1moretime Tue 12-Apr-16 19:52:01

Fab news honeybee ....Hope everything went ok at yours jenjen. Mine is 9am in the morning so not long to go. Iv been so sick today & have a thumping headache!!
originaldoozy I honestly thought I'd felt my lo at around 10 weeks but then wondered if it was just gas!! hmm
Glad everyone is relieved with the scan results. ..I will post back tomorrow to let youse all know. Xxx

Honeybee79 Tue 12-Apr-16 20:39:42

Good luck 1moretime!

Jenjen85 Tue 12-Apr-16 21:34:28

Mine was great thanks. We did find out and I'm so happy. Good luck for tomorrow

1moretime Wed 13-Apr-16 06:29:02

Thank you all smile
I have butterfly's lol.
did youse have the test for downs etc done....I dont know if I want it done and chance worrying if it comes back high risk!
Me and DH both said we wouldn't risk an amnio if it did come to it & I couldn't abort either way so don't know whether to have it done, plus they can pick up abnormalities from the scan anyhow can't they? Xx

Justputyourshoesonnow Wed 13-Apr-16 06:56:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1moretime Wed 13-Apr-16 18:29:02

Hello and Thank you for the good luck wishes.
Everything is measuring a week ahead so I'm actually 13 weeks smile
Due on 19th Oct xxx

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