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outch ohhh meh!

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booked83 Mon 11-Apr-16 17:26:21

Sorry just having a moan... My lower back so sore this afternoon hot water bottle not helping at all... And Braxton hicks meh and baby kicking at the same time (which normally I love but ouch!) and swollen ankles! I am going to bed as soon as its "not to early!" I'm 31 weeks! Sorry just feel like a moan

Sympathy from over here!
I have SPD and sciatica, 32 weeks and just generally uncomfortable and meh! Braxton hicks and kicks simultaneously are painful! Some of my bh are coming with that achy back period pain too 😒 it's good to moan!

booked83 Sun 17-Apr-16 17:36:35

Nothing wrong with a moan! His movements are getting more Outch as he is having less room to grow I think! How he has 7 more weeks I have no idea! Outch to both spd and siatica my friend has spd and driving her mad!

Pagetta Sun 17-Apr-16 21:19:52

sympathy hug
Am 31 weeks and bloody exhausted..
5 weeks left at work, back killing, ankles huge.... and still too cold for flip-flops boo!
9 weeks seems aaaaaaages!
But then it seems no time when I realise got to move house in that time too sad

seven201 Sun 17-Apr-16 21:58:57

Ooh good I want to moan too! Sorry you're having a hard time. Pregnancy is not all easy and glowing for everyone.

I am 30.5 weeks. Here is my moaning list:
Thrush that won't go (was a problem pre pregnancy but the pessaries don't really work for me)
UTIs -I'm on my third! Been to out of hours dr twice this weekend as this afternoon it looked like I'd wee'd a pint of brown ale with a shot of blackcurrant in
Having to do everything in slow motion eg walking up the stairs otherwise I can't catch my breath for at least a minute. I swear I am walking backwards when I try and walk up a hill.
General acheyness
Acid reflux - I can handle the embarrassing burps but waking up with acid sick coming up every night is not fun!
Not being comfy in bed, made worse by always somehow getting tangled in the maternity pillow
Leg cramps in the night! Aghhh.
Not being able to see my pubes to tidy them!
Swollen fingers
Swollen feet so uncomfy standing up for long periods
Constant need to look at toilet roll after a wipe
Not being able to drink much wine
Having to listen to people's view on childbirth etc.
Being kicked in what feels like my bladder
I'm sure there's more...
Oh yes constipation and generally needing to take something to do on the loo as it takes so much longer.
The weeing - I was already a frequent wee-er but I average every 20-30 minutes a day and go at least 4 times every night - record being 15 in one night but I did have a UTI then.
Having to plan any trips out around toilets!

There are lots of positives though! I am so so excited about meeting my little girl and it is definitely all worth it. Good to have a therapeutic moan though.

wonkylegs Sun 17-Apr-16 22:03:49

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and I want this baby out now!!!!
Every wriggle is painful, head is engaged and I feel like I need a wee every 30seconds.
I'm having a scan tomorrow to see if they will bring my section forward from 39wks as they had some concerns about size at last Monday's scan. It definitly feels like there's no space left.

booked83 Mon 18-Apr-16 11:07:15

*seven oh what a long List poor you least your on the count down now!

I have my scan and clinic and see the anethasist wed

BubbleandSqueeeek Mon 18-Apr-16 11:28:56

35 + 3 here and I'm at work until my due date. Have no idea how I'm going to manage it. Totally exhausted. Struggling with SPD and lots of aches and pains in belly when walking. Feels like baby will drop out when I walk. And now I have swollen arches and keep getting shooting pains in feet. Meh. Otherwise I generally do love being pregnant, honest! I'll miss my bump when I give birth, I did last time!

booked83 Mon 18-Apr-16 12:14:10

*bubble oh no working as well?! Take it easy when you can thanksconfused

Pagetta Mon 18-Apr-16 12:30:06

*bubble i'm like you - love being pregnant and will miss my bump - but oh wow will i be glad to finish work! 5 weeks and counting - really struggling now :-/

Eastend2015 Mon 18-Apr-16 12:46:17

Right there with you ladies! Bubs seems to love kicking me in my right side, it's so sore!!

booked83 Mon 18-Apr-16 14:53:14

I am so tired today had loads I wanted to do but no watched a movie and fell asleep on sofa

wonkylegs Mon 18-Apr-16 17:25:53

We'll end is definitely in sight, got admitted from clinic this morning and will be having a section on weds (37+2)
Too much fluid, the reason I feel like I'm gonna pop is that my belly is very very stretched so every movement is very painful for a reason not just that I'm a wimp.

booked83 Mon 18-Apr-16 17:48:54

Ah wonky legs yeh for you! thanksgrinthanksgrin you get to see your baby very soon! X

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