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Slightly elevated ALT levels at 22 weeks

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BunchOfBobs Mon 11-Apr-16 16:24:25

I'm 22+2 and have been suffering from a servere my itchy torso, worse of an evening (NOT hands and feet) for the last few weeks so last week my midwives took some bloods to check my liver function. Turns out my ALT levels are slightly high so I was referred to my "local" hospital (1 hour drive away) for repeat screening. Whilst there they took four loads of bloods, have referred me for a liver and gall bladder scan and I'm now to be under a consultant. I have to have weekly bloods taken and from 26 weeks weekly cgts all at my not so local hospital.

I was mega intent on giving birth in my MLU if at all possible. Has anyone else had this and still gone on to give birth at their MLU? Or does anyone know if it turns out it was just a one off then they'll reduce the monitoring? It all seems a bit overkill for literally 3 points over - normal range for the lab is up to 35, my ALT was 38, but of course it's best to be safe. The midwife in the assessment unit seems to think this will be it with weekly obs for the rest of my pregnancy confused

BunchOfBobs Mon 11-Apr-16 20:51:51


Zaurak Tue 12-Apr-16 10:09:19

How they deal with out of range results is by looking to see if they are 'clinically significant.' So the result you had PLUS the itching could indicate a liver function issue. Someone with a higher level with no itching but who is just getting over a tummy bug wouldn't be investigated- the result would be chalked down to the bug. its the whole picture they look at. Pregnant + elevated AST + itching = investigation. Not pregnant + twice normal level + just been on a stag weekend = not investigation, just a reminder about booze intake.

They are doing the right thing. your itching could be down to stretching skin, but it could also be a liver issue and if it is, then yes, you will need monitoring. The monitoring is justified by the severity of the possible outcome if there is an issue and they ignore it.

Fwiw, I wanted a nice mlu birth. I ended up with placenta and vasa previa and a c section. It needed a bit of mental adjustment on my part but once I'd done that I felt better about it

BunchOfBobs Tue 12-Apr-16 12:47:50

Thanks zaurak.
I've come a bit more round to it. They're doing the right thing and weekly monitoring can only be a good thing.
The worst itching is on my back and that isn't currently stretching sad but fingers crossed my levels don't go any higher.

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