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SPD 11weeks

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salemtheteenagecat Mon 11-Apr-16 07:58:55

Hi I've been have the most painful back and hip pain for a couple of weeks but mainly at night laid bed when I have found that I have become stuck and find it difficult to turn over without lower back pain! It has got worse in the last three days where I've been having pain and an aches in my top thighs and feels like my hip might pop out if that makes sense! I was wondering if this sounds like SPD but from what I have read it comes much later! I'm booking a gp appointment today as parecetmol is not touching it and if I need physio I would rather be on a list now rather then later! Any advice would be much apprieated smile

WellErrr Mon 11-Apr-16 08:11:44

It's very early for SPD.

Also, SPD is a very specific pain in the very front of your pubic bone. Have you asked your mw?

salemtheteenagecat Mon 11-Apr-16 08:24:17

I mentioned that I have had back pain in the past but never enough to warrent going to the drs about normally before I have a period is when back pain hits the most.

WiIdfire Mon 11-Apr-16 09:04:57

I had pelvic girdle pain from 14 weeks and was just how you described it. Mine was more at the back too - sacro-iliac - rather than specifically SPD at the front. Sad to say it only got better after baby arrived. Made me a bit sad when everyone else was doing pregnancy yoga til 40 weeks and I couldnt even roll over in bed.

Obv discuss with your GP as I can only go in what mine felt like.

salemtheteenagecat Mon 11-Apr-16 13:17:37

Thank you for your advice I have been and apparently I have a flat back which if I don't strength mussels now then it will become a problem very soon!

SolomanDaisy Mon 11-Apr-16 20:09:51

My SPD started at 8 weeks! I ended up on crutches, but with physio and support I was still doing modified yoga until the day DS was born. I had sacro iliac pain as well as the front pelvic pain, but I think your pain sounds higher than that. Is it really your lower back, or more in your bum bones?

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