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I have no pelvic floor muscles... help!

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lovecaketoomuch Sun 10-Apr-16 21:14:26

19 weeks pregnant. Already have one DS. I'm having a bit of a nightmare with leaking urine!! shockSo embarrassed about the whole thing, but really don't know what is happening.

After DS1, I didn't feel I had any problem and everything was fine during and after giving birth. I had a CS - not sure if that's relevant.

However, since about 12 into this pregnant I feel a sudden urge to pass urine even when I don't really need to go. Also leaking slightly when just walking or sneeze or when carrying DS1 in a sling. It's not all day long, but I definitely have some problem at least once a day. I'm really worried about how this pregnancy is going to effect me. It's not like UTI symptoms. It's like I can't hold my bladder!

I'm guessing it's my pelvic floor muscles that are weak? I have my midwife checkup next week so will mention my dilemma then.

Just wondered if anybody has noticed anything similar or has any suggestions. Scared what I'll be like further into my pregnancy if things continue like this.,

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