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Support, services and groups available for young mums

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riajoanne Sun 10-Apr-16 17:11:36

Hello, I am looking into the services, groups and support available as a young/ teenage mum during pregnancy and once the baby has been born. I wondered if anyone had access to any specific services for young mums, or has been to any groups?
If not do you think you would of benefited from a specific group or service?

Thank you very much

Heirhelp Sun 10-Apr-16 19:46:01

Are you a journalist? Or looking for yourself? I am not a young Mum so I can't comment. If it is for you try your midwife or health visitor and they should be able to direct you to appropriate groups.

Cinnamon48 Sun 10-Apr-16 19:59:58

Hi not sure if you have the family nurse partnership in your area if you ask your midwife they will let you know if you do and refer you in to the service

If you google family nurse partnership they have a web page for more info but basically the service if in your area is offered to mums under the age of 20 years and provides support from a family nurse
through regular home visits during pregnancy and when baby arrives ..

Hope this helps X

Cinnamon48 Sun 10-Apr-16 20:09:20

This is the web page X

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