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30 weeks - splitting headache

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Pagetta Sat 09-Apr-16 19:24:59

Im 30+4 and the last ten days the tiredness has really hit me - today ive got splitting headache above one eye - im not generally someone who suffers with headaches so its killing me. I caved and had some paracetamol earlier which have taken the edge off but am freaking out about pre-eclampsia. Due to high pressure in uterine flow im more at risk from it apparently.
However I had scan on weds and all results all fine - BP low / no protein and pressure of uterine flow now within normal range. Mild swelling in feet but not bad.
I think because its unusual for me to have headache im panicking - are they standard in 3rd trimester??
Any tips on getting rid of it welcome.
Worth noting - after some issues last summer I wasnt allowed to wear my contacts for 8 months. Im now signed off to wear them again and feeling fat and waddly thought id perk myself up by wearing them today and go glasses free - its possible this with the tiredness has exacerbated things :-/

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Sat 09-Apr-16 19:29:34

If you have been used to glasses and just switched back to contacts that could definitely explain your headache. I get terrible headaches if I switch to the other after wearing the alternative for a bit.

It's maybe with a call to the mat unit through so they can check your pee and blood pressure. My money is on your eyes though grin

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