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Irritable Uterus and spasms/contractions

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Kstar8 Sat 09-Apr-16 15:25:01

Hi all,

So it seems I may have an irritable uterus possibly caused by some angry fibroids. This triggered lots of pain, cramping and what felt like my stomach contracting regularly but without any changes to the cervix (I'm 21 weeks). All checked out at hospital and sent home for rest and painkillers. Now the pain has settled down, I'm left with tightenings that continue to regularly happen which from googling old threads, seems to be something you just have to put up with when you have an irritable uterus.

Has anyone else had this and did it continue for the whole of your pregnancy or come and go?

Quodlibet Sat 09-Apr-16 20:46:37

I had something similar. I had one very bad episode at 23 wks and went into hospital - but as you describe, no cervical changes. Otherwise, felt like contractions and I was nauseous from the pain.
I had another episode at about 28 weeks. Both times happened when I needed a bowel movement and I think that this squashing my uterus was what set it off!
Apart from those two instances it settled down. I did get a lot of BH, but no other complications.

Kstar8 Sun 10-Apr-16 05:32:47

Thanks quodlibet!
It seems hard to find much information about it. How would you compare BH to the uterine contractions?

Thefitfatty Sun 10-Apr-16 07:36:29

With my son they started at 34 weeks, and due to his size, the fact that I had Gestational Diabetes and the fact he was breech we went for an emergency C-section right then and there.

With my daughter they started at 28 weeks. I was hospitalized twice to stop the contractions and be monitored. We finally decided she was baked enough at 36 weeks and it was time to schedule a c-section and put me out of my misery. LOL.

Every single time, regular contractions for hours and hours on end, getting steadily more painful but nothing from my cervix. It was horrible!

duckyisback Sun 10-Apr-16 12:25:25

I had an irritable uterus with my ds. It started quite early. I was in hospital regularly anyway having monitoring so they just kept an eye on it every now and again.

Went on until I was induced at 37 weeks.

Kstar8 Sun 10-Apr-16 16:25:23

Thanks for both your responses. I hope it doesn't keep happening but from what I've read and ducky's response, it probably will if it's happened already.
I can see that some other websites say dehydration and over exertion can contribute to triggering the contractions. Thanks guys.

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