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30wks with total and anterior placenta praevia, baby lying transverse, anyone else with this?

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Katrina79 Fri 08-Apr-16 20:46:59

So I have all of the above, had some spotting last weekend, nothing major, stayed in St Thomas's the weekend in bed rest. Wondering if anyone has got the same thing going on and finding you get mixed messages from the medics? Seems a heavy bleed is not great and one doctor told me if you have had spotting, this usually precedes a heavier bleed. Reading lots about, c sections being more tricky with all the factors above but consultant has never said this. Been told I will need to have steroids , it's likely the baby will be premature with placenta covering completely. Seems a lot to worry about but I m trying not to worry as some women with the above don't bleed at all.. I am really interested to hear what other people's experiences were who are safely out the other end / when did they do your c section if you didn't end up with an emergency c section. Not worried about hearing experiences that didn't go well - just trying to get an idea of what the different experiences were. And if you had a c section at St Thomas's with the above factors or some of them would really love to hear from you. Thank you!!!

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