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Painful SPD and working

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RedorBlack Fri 08-Apr-16 14:14:08

I'm 26 weeks pregnant with DC2 and am struggling with SPD which came on about 2 months ago. I work in an office and we are pretty short staffed. By early afternoon my back locks up & it's incredibly painful. I have been referred to a Physiotherapist who has just signed me off for a few weeks (didn't know they could do that!) with a view to doing reduced hours when I go back. My boss is great but I could hear in his voice that this is going to cause major problems, and just feel so guilty. Mentally I am able to work, but physically am a bit of a mess. sad

Has anyone else had experiences like this and successful returned to work pre baby? And any advice on how to manage works expectations?

squeezed Fri 08-Apr-16 14:54:12

I reduced my travelling away from the office, but my commute was 60 miles driving a day so it only got worse. Also was given crutches which meant I could actually walk. There is also getting the balance between moving enough so you don't lock up, but not so much that it gets worse. I had exercises to do, a belt to hold my pelvis in place and pain killers. Due to the spd and other health issues I was signed off at 31 weeks. Although I'm less active the spd is getting worse. I hope this is not the case for you but unfortunately it might be .
In terms of managing works expectations, it might be worth saying that it could get worse and suggest to them what might help. Could you work from home at all? I tried all I could to stay at work, despite a number of hcp suggesting being signed off earlier, but my body just couldn't do it.

RedorBlack Fri 08-Apr-16 15:59:22

Hi Squeezed, thanks for the reply, sounds very similar. Work have agreed to me being home most days with one day in the office, but even at home I struggle as I'm on calls at the laptop all day in blocks of 3-4 hours in place of meetings & can't just move around. I'll have a think over the next couple of weeks about what could be done to adjust the working day.

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