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Sore throat, ears and hyperemesis

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Lynn5 Fri 08-Apr-16 11:07:52

Hi I'm 9 weeks pregnant, suffered from hyperemesis I've got medication for that however the last week visiting is as bad as ever. Woke up with sore throat and ears, sore joints, hot and cold sweats and a really painfull cough. So I'm vimiting maybe 6 times per day due to nausea and the maybe another 5 time when I start coughing. I feel generally terrible, I'm so grateful for this pregnancy, I fell as though the last 6 weeks I've just been constantly ill. Anyway my question was should I go to my GP I feel as though I'm never away these days?! Or is there anything I can take or do at home. Planning on going to the pharmacy later and seeing what they suggest.

Lynn5 Fri 08-Apr-16 11:08:58

I should really have previewed this post before I posted it, due to spelling errors!

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