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Plus size pregnancy- clothes!

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Kafeeundkuchen Thu 07-Apr-16 17:30:30

Hi I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and everything is getting tight! I'm usually a size 20/22 and I've bought (big!) briefs in size up but they're getting tighter. The problem is that I can't seem to find plus size maternity clothes- especially pants and bras (usually a 40G). This is making me not only sad but also quite worried, I was looking forward to having a pregnancy bump but I'm really worried I'll be in too tight uncomfortable clothes. It's actually making me anxious. Anyone home throughly this and where did you get your clothes please?

lilydaisyrose Thu 07-Apr-16 18:47:37

I bought maternity bras size 42G on eBay - pack of 2 unused M&S. Next, Asda & H&M all have lovely maternity clothes that go up to a size 22.

AKP79 Thu 07-Apr-16 20:15:55

Might be worth trying Bravissimo for a fitting. Important to make sure everything's correctly fitted now - bravissimo do a fantastic fitting service over the phone if you can't get to a shop. Sounds bonkers, but works!

I second H&M and don't forget, hopefully, we're heading into warmer weather. Maxi dresses will be fab!

Bonkerz Thu 07-Apr-16 20:21:00

Yours clothing is your friend.

Kafeeundkuchen Thu 07-Apr-16 20:49:34

Thanks everyone, I didn't realise H&M did plus size OR maternity!

Bonkers I've been a bit disappointed with Yours, got a dress/top in size 22/24 and the line was completely off on the boobs- cut across not under. Do they do maternity also? Got some nice teal 24 leggings from there on offer- come up and over my tum for now. DH calls me green legs, lol. Says he quite liked them!

delilabell Thu 07-Apr-16 21:46:46

I'm tye the same size as you.
I got measured st bravissimo and had my pants from m &s
my clothes have come from next and asds and bottom halves from bon prix

bippitybopityboo Thu 07-Apr-16 21:58:16

I'm size 24 and yours clothes have been fab to me I LOVE my maternity maxi dress! Also got some knickers from them in the next size and they're sooo comfy! Also nursing bras on the debenhams website the sizes aren't great in the shops smile

socktastic Thu 07-Apr-16 22:02:25

I'll echo the bravissimo suggestion. Get yourself along and get a well fitting bra. I'm usually 32j but been growing all the time and needed a proper fitting as I had no idea what size I needed!

Onepot Thu 07-Apr-16 22:07:08

Plus sized woman shouldn't get pregnant dont you know (i was actually told that when i was grumbling about no maternity wear fitting me by my SIL....not a lot of love lost between us!) in the end i went on ebay and got my Mat. Clothes and nursing tops (breast feeding tops) from an American ebay shop. Also have a look at pumpkin patch (newzealand firm i think) on their website they do really good comfy plus size clothes, and they posted really quickly my package arrived within 10days...not bad given it travelled across the globe.
Jojo manan bebe do good stretch tops which although say 18 fitted me a 22.
If i was any good with a sewing machine i would open a plus size maternity buisness as i'm sure it would be a money maker.

Sagethyme Thu 07-Apr-16 22:12:02

Also for comfy bottoms look at USAPRO sports wear, (TKMAX have them) go for XXL the boot leg yoga trousers they do are very 'bump' supportive, and smart looking (DS was a huge baby) and i was able to wear these for the last two months when i was just massive!

SurroMummy13 Thu 07-Apr-16 22:13:51

Just pinning this for later..

chubbyrunner Thu 07-Apr-16 22:14:07

I always found George good and cheap for plus size maternity. With regards bras, I had to use back extenders (you know those bits of bra with hooks and eyes on which make your strap longer) as I couldn't find anywhere that had my size and were hideously expensive I lived in maxi dresses with both mine, particularly my last one as I just could not find a pair of trousers that would fit/stay up/ be comfy! So I'm with you but there is stuff out there not too pricey. Don't let it ruin your pregnancy honey grin xxx

Shelby1981 Thu 07-Apr-16 23:08:08

Asda is really good, up to 22 I think, all online but you can do click & collect for the next day smile

frikadela01 Fri 08-Apr-16 14:29:57

I'm a 18/20 and have found asda quite good. I tend to wear leggings or skinny jeans with baggy tops. I found some good leggings in ebay that are true to size and aren't see through. That's if you wear leggings that is.

I've yet to cross the bra bridge yet though... my pre pregnancy ones seem to be holding strong.

Liss85 Fri 08-Apr-16 14:49:36

M&S knickers are the best and I think they go up to about a 30. They're good quality and fairly cheap.

The people saying about maxi dresses - did your legs rub? I normally wear chaffing tights things but I wonder if they'll be a bit hot and if they'll fit?

chubbyrunner Fri 08-Apr-16 15:27:59

Liss85 very Occasionally my legs would rub but it was not very often. I found it cooler to wear a dress or long skirt as the air could circulate more freely X

Liss85 Fri 08-Apr-16 15:45:22

Thanks chubbyrunner - my legs always rub in any type of skirt or dress but I'm due in August so I'm going to need to do something!

Asher90 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:04:56

Hi guys, hope you don't mind me jumping in. I'm 25wks and a size 20. I have yet to buy maternity clothes. Don't ask where my baby is growing, think it's just making room and sprawling. My staple from the start of my pregnancy are peacock jenning. They aren't even maternity, but they come right up over my "bump" and they are so comfy and feel like quite good stretch denim. I also second that h&m have lovely stuff and also good old primark for the cami dress tops. They are like the basic cami but longer length.

Asher90 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:05:37

*Peacocks jeggings

LBOCS2 Fri 08-Apr-16 16:11:49

Fwiw, I haven't gone into maternity bras - I've just made sure that my bra is well fitting all the way through. I'm currently in a 38G, underwired soft cup, which I got from Debenhams (multipack, nude and black for £22). I'm fairly sure the range goes bigger too.

chubbyrunner Fri 08-Apr-16 19:11:00

Debenhams are good for bras anyway so they do do a good range for maternity. As with most stores, the range is probably better online than in store.

Liss i was due in September and by May/June I wasn't moving fast enough to generate any rubbing blush

Kafeeundkuchen Fri 08-Apr-16 19:35:39

Thanks for your suggestions everyone! Think I've been worrying that I'll get bigger than 22 but then realised that's what 'maternity'22 is for lol! My bras are holding out with extenders at the moment, going to go to bravissimo when the time arrives.

mummyla Fri 08-Apr-16 20:11:56

I got loads from next, check the clearance section on line! Also I bought a few maxi dresses from new look inspire a size up! I sold all mine on eBay afterwards so have a wee look there xx

Northernlight22 Fri 08-Apr-16 22:38:37

I'm the same - debenhams, George, next, Asos all do size 20 and sometimes 22

Northernlight22 Fri 08-Apr-16 22:39:06

I've bought a few bits from their sale / clearance bits of the site - quite a few maternity bits out there smile

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