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Is sickness pregnancy related or something else?

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1moretime Thu 07-Apr-16 09:28:43

Iv posted on here a few times & in the hypermesis group too about my horrid sickness!
Il try nor to go on & explain best I can.
I am currently 11 weeks 1 day.
Going back to December I started not feeling too good I was being sick & kept getting a pain in my left upper side just below my left breast & bloating but just across the top of my stomach.
Bloods done etc I was put on lazaprozole to help with stomach acids. These did help a bit but symptoms didn't go altogether.
was still sick on & off a few times leading up to Feb when I went back just not feeling right.
Anyhow found out in Feb that I was pregnant had a scan week later on 3rd March I was 6 weeks 1 day (looking back IN December I wasn't pregnant). Doctor did say to me ahh this explains sickness etc which I thought Ohh well at least there's a reason I'm feeling crap.
Anyhow at 7 Weeks sickness got worse & I couldn't keep anything down & ended up at doctors on call one weekend. I was on verge of dehydrating so they prescribed me promethazine which I have taken since then & am still taking now.
Promethazine has helped loads & I can sort of get on with things better now but every day I'm sick at least once or twice (I know ms is like that, I suffered with it bad with my DS, lasted first 5 month).

But I'm still getting this pain well more uncomfortable than anything in my left side, it gurgles & bubbles & im burping more often. When I'm sick it's worse in the evenings & whatever I eat through the day seems to stay in my stomach & everything then comes back up when I'm sick.
My throat is beginning to hurt with being sick every day.
Sorry for rambling on - I know the pregnancy hormones won't be helping and I was very sicky with DS but do you think there coukd be more going on?
My stomach goes really hard & swollen across the top just under my breast & then I start feeling sick & am sick.
Do promethazine start to wear off too as Im being more sick this last week than I was? Thank you xx

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