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Is this PGP?

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socktastic Thu 07-Apr-16 08:18:18

Hi all, I'm 28 weeks and properly broke down in bed last night with the pain. The main source is running through my left bum cheek, maybe a ligament or a tendon but I tried to get up for the loo and realised I couldn't actually make it.
Hips are achy rather than in lots of pain and they cramp up from time to time too.
Mentioned this to my midwife at my last appointment and she suggested reflexology - no one gets to touch my feet... Ever. She also said a chiropractor might help but at £50 a session I think it's a bit steep (or maybe I'm just too tight!)
I'm frustrated she didn't suggest anything that may be available on the NHS but this could be down to waiting list times.
Has anyone had experience like this and what did you do? Not sure I can put up for another 12 weeks with a literal pain in my ass!

SolomanDaisy Thu 07-Apr-16 08:23:30

The buttock pain sounds like PGP to me. You can ask for a referral to an NHS physio, but you're right that the waiting list times might be long.

chandelierswinging Thu 07-Apr-16 09:40:19

Sympathies flowers 28 weeks is a classic time for PGP to get worse, and it does sound like that.

I'm 20 weeks and currently seeing a specialist women's physio on the NHS for PGP; I only waited a week for my appt, but in my previous pregnancies the wait was much longer.

Google "Pelvic Partnership" for lots of advice and also a list of "approved" practitioners (not just physios, although I've only ever seen a physio myself).

mascaraisamust Thu 07-Apr-16 17:16:31

Sorry to jump on the thread socktastic but I've got a similar query! I've got lower left back pain, also pain in the back of my left ribs. I can walk for about 20 minutes before my back starts to really ache and feels like it's giving in on one side. Then I ended up almost limping. Is this normal? I have to sit upright with pillows stacked behind me to get comfy and at bedtime (I emphasise with you socktastic) sleeping on my left hurts so I'm constantly uncomfortable switching side to side. I'm only 25+4 and it seems I'm needing to sit a lot more! Any ideas? Midwife suggested a hot water bottle at the 25 week appointment but that doesn't help when walking about!

mascaraisamust Thu 07-Apr-16 17:17:19

Empathise* hmm rather

Icecappedpinetrees Thu 07-Apr-16 17:22:29

I had it at about that time too. Shooting pain down my inner thighs and sore to walk, stand up, sit down, basically move. I felt like I'd ridden a horse for days is the only way to describe it. But that's an awful description because it was so painful. I slowed right up, stopped walking miles with my toddler, stopped lifting him, carrying him upstairs etc, it was a real wake up call that I needed to actually take care. It comes and goes but was actually at the peak at about 30 weeks.

socktastic Thu 07-Apr-16 19:47:00

Phoned the doctors today so they've referred me to physio. Apparently they let pregnant ladies skip the queue. If not I'd have given birth by the time my appointment time came round!!

Ffion3107 Sun 10-Apr-16 22:37:54

The pain in your bum is sciatica!? Stretches and walks will helphelp short term but won't help the PGP. Hope physio helps.

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